Moving to Costa Rica to live in the mountains and jungle.

I just quit my job as a psych nurse where for the past 7 years I ran a mental hospital for kids on the weekends with two other nurses, to move from Florida to Costa Rica. I have wanted to move to Costa Rica for a long time. I always loved Tarzan movies more than anything as a child and Costa Rica has real jungles like in Tarzan movies. I will hopefully never be a nurse again except perhaps in a volunteer capacity working with orphans or underpriviledged people. Being a nurse is very  stressful.
I downsized to 3 pieces of luggage. I sold some stuff and packed away some survival things at the farm I was living . Being a survivalist I had alot of stuff. If I never come back, my friend who owns the farm, will make use of the food and equipment I left behind. I sold some things and gave away many more. I am learning to live with less. I have absolutely no attachment to furniture or clothes or any “thing” in particular except my laptops.I do have an internet addiction which I do not intend to give up as it feeds my brain so I have two laptops a bugout bag ,a suitcase, and a gym bag. I am off to the greatest adventure of my life. I am going to move to a country I have never been to before. I don’t speak a word of Spanish or know anyone there except a guy I met on the internet (my soon to be neighbor) and the 92 year old owner of Cthe house I want to buy. Call me crazy but it’s what I want to do. The house was so cheap I could not see passing it up. 25,000 for a 2br 1 bath home in the mountains of Costa Rica in ae called little Switzerland because it looks like Switzerland. My neighbor is an American dude who has been there 6 years and loves it. He says I can fish in his 3 acre lake or put a horse in his pasture or grow a field of wheat if I want to. He will be my mentor.He found a beautiful Costa Rican woman who is his girlfriend. Perhaps I will do the same. The women like gringo’s in Costa Rica I hear.C

One of my brother in laws thinks I am being set up and  will be murdered soon after I get off the plane as my neighbor is meeting me at the airport. My brother in law thinks I am a victim of a craigslist scam and will be robbed of all the cash in my pocket. Life is a gamble and I love to gamble. I want to go to dense rainforests and see lots of exotic animals. The weather is eternally springtime with no need for AC or heat. The cost of living is very cheap. The people they say are very happy in Costa Rica. Anyone can move there and stay forever as long as they leave the country and cross the border once every 90 days. I go in search of the pure life. I am single. I have no attachments. IMG_20130609_182323In 48 hours I will be there at long last the adventure begins.



7 thoughts on “Moving to Costa Rica to live in the mountains and jungle.

  1. Martin
    I will continue to read your diary and if you stop writing please tell me what to do since I will be very worried. We speak Spanish well enough to get along since we spent years in Los Angeles.
    My prayers are with you Amigo!
    Get thee the best Spanish tutorial quickly!

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