My first bus ride alone and some bad things.

I am blogging from the side of the road by the school house nearby which has free wifi 24/7 as I wont have internet for a few more days at the house.This is my second attempt as my first entry was lost.Yesterday was busy draining atms of cash in order to finish paying the former owner of my house as part of a side deal off the books. The atms only dispense $300 a day here which is a hassle. One of them said insufficient funds which gave me heart palpitations. I then went to another machine and it gave me money.The bad news is the 92 year old former owner was robbed of all the money I gave him at closing. His safe was broken into or he lost it since he cant remember anything. The chauffeur who wanted to hook me up with a woman is the prime suspect. Another thing happened  Bills boss had his cellphone stolen by the girl he wanted to introduce to me .She finally admitted it and gave it back to him but it was missing the brain chip.I have decided I will meet my own women and don’t trust anyone except my neighbor Bill and his girlfriend and her relatives .Yesterday I was going to wait around for Bill to take me home when he finished working but decided to take the bus from Turrialba to my house.After being pretty sure I bought the right ticket I went to the bathroom to pee.There was a girl apparently charging money for peple to enter the bathroom.I gave her some money, She gave me change and tried to hand me some toilet paper.I waved her off and said I don’t need that and she laughed out loud.I figure she thought it was funny that I just paid her for toilet paper for nothing or she knew I would have nothing to dry my hands off after washing them .I left all my bags with Bill in his car to take home for me.It was a bright sunny day when I g0t on the bus.I met a young Australian women who was travelling around Costa Rica to look at birds. After the bus made it to its last stop the driver kicked me out and that is how I knew it was my stop.The only problem was it was pouring rain (as their are micro climates here where it rains over one mountain and not another)so I walked in the rain for 45 mins.I was very concerned abut my passport so I stuffed it in my underwear.Soon I was soaking wet.It was not that cold and I never shivered.I thought I should do something clever so I plucked some huge  leaves and used them as an umbrella. I decided that the rain was my friend. I began to follow principles of Zen. I met Mr Rain and became one with him. Next time I will bring my mini bugout bag .In the eve I watched Krav Maga fighting instruction cd’s until Bill came by and told me I had sky tv connected.After a few mins I was watching fox news.Today I will practice knife throwing and meet my new maid and handyman who are brother and sister of Billy house ding my laundry by hand and leaving me a cooked meal. Well I must go as im sitting on the road
ps there is a pack of three dogs that attacked Bill’s dog as he was running alongside the car we were driving in. I said “Hey those dogs are gonna kill your dog.” He wasn’t worried at all and said that his dog could kick their asses as their arose a series of guttural noises, shrieks and barks. Sure enough when we returned a few minutes later Spanky was still alive. I met the pack this morning. There is really only one dangerous  one.I pointed my walking stick at the one that came towards me and he backed away. I have concluded they are more bark then bite. Until next time.
Martin —

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