I woke with a pain in my abdomen,then met the police.

This morning I woke with a subtle pain in my lower abdomen. At first I thougt my prostate gland was swollen or possibly that I was in the late stages of colon cancer where you begin to feel pain. I finally diagnosed myself with constipation, even tho I  don’t normally get constipated. Probably I am dehydrated from walking so much and not drinking so I wouldn’t have to pee on the bus, as well as eating some pizza. I am now eating fruit and veggies and looking up the Spanish term for stool softener as well as I am doing my “thieves oil” essential oil combination which should act as an antibiotic if I have some sort of infection from something I ate.
I met the local police officer today as we left our town to go to the city. His name is Marvin. He is very friendly and Bill has known him for many years.Bill told him I am a nurse and he may bring me an injured person someday Bill says. Also if an order comes out someday to collect and deport Americans Bill believes Marvin would give us a one hour head start. The police seem more relaxed here. I see three cops chatting in the park everyday in the city.They are on foot.I guess they are waiting for a crime to happen.
I ate again at the same restaurant of my original embarrassment.The whole place was staring at me as I tried to order. I was furiously shuffling thru my flash cards which I have made. A young buy started laughing.I think next time I am going to read a card that says “I am a funny Americano who knows no English”. That way when people laugh at me I will think it’s because they understand I am a comedian.

Update… Last night I took 4 pills called Anara to cure my constipation and today after spending the night tossing and turning in pain there was a breakthrough in the logjam…literally….what a pain in the ass this has been,now back to my normal activities of daily living.


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