On the way to Betty’s restaurant.

On the way to Betty’s restaurant.

I met a little man named Alexis. I asked him the way to Betty’s ( a restaurant run by a woman who speaks English) and although he really didn’t speak English he seemed eager to help me and even volunteered to walk that way with me. I was trying out my limited Spanish on him and basically we each understood about 5% of what the other was saying. I am pretty sure he works in the organic coffee business,Then I think he said he was an indigenous so I said your an Indian? an indigenous population person? to which he agreed so I think I have met a native Costa Rican. I made motions asking him if he fished as a baby in the mountains and after some time I realised he was a vegetarian. When we arrived at Betty’s restaurant which was a big restaurant with tablecloths, I motioned to Alexis like “Are you coming in ?” so he followed me in. It was really a question on my part but I fear he took it as an invitation and soon began to believe I would be buying Alexis a meal. I asked for Betty and out came a rather large brown woman with a big smile,who had married a man from California and spent ten years in the states. I told her I just met Alexis and couldn’t understand what he was saying. She talked to him and said he wanted to know what I was doing. I said I’m just going back to my hotel after this. I heard Alexis order coffee and figured I would get off light just paying for his coffee. When my big plate of good food came, an identical one was served to my little amigo. We were both noticing a very pretty waitress although she didn’t look very old,somehow the conversation turned to women and if I understood him correctly he knew many women and could introduce me to one. This appealed to me and he pulled out his phone. It was then I thought maybe my little amigo is a pimp. At that moment he asked me if I take naps motioning like going to sleep. I switched from thinking he was a pimp to maybe he is gay and wants to sleep with me. Not long after that he pulled out a Bible so I thought “Oh great I am with a coffee picking, gay, vegetarian, fundamentalist ,freeloading ,indigenous pimp”.

I decided to leave and guess what? Amigo volunteered to walk back with me. But first I got Betty to tell me where people danced around here and on Thursday if I am lucky I will talk with a dance instructor at the gymnasium and maybe get into some dancing where I imagine I could meet some interesting people.

As we walked back and neared my hotel,using crude Spanish I tried to get him to say where he was headed because he sure wasn’t gonna come back and take a nap with me in my hotel, finally I just stopped and said adios amigo asta lueuga and offered my hand to shake. It was then that I got the pitch. I heard the word money as he pulled out his wallet showing that it was completely devoid of anything except two ID cards. I figured he got a free lunch out of me and besides I’m on a budget so I said good bye again and again shook his hand and said “God bless you”.I felt a slight tinge of guilt asking God to bless him when I could have done that myself but on the other hand I felt my little Amigo was pushing his luck.

Until next time.


5 thoughts on “On the way to Betty’s restaurant.

  1. too hilarious!  I’m tellling all that know you to read your blog.   Liz I asked for the address so I sent it to her.  better than a novel.  Anyway, talked to Kim U yesterday & she was so glad I called her.  She was really down & at 1 point tried to call you on your cell.  I told her you were in the mountains & probably got nada.  She is starting to move forward & Karen P is going to help her apply today on the cmptr as Kim has no cmptr.  I thought I was retro with no cell phone…Anyway, keep up the good work.  I love reading it.  Carroll

  2. Martin, I’ve always admired people that I’ve known who’ve bravely sought out adventures and pursued their dreams. Enjoy, but keep your guard up. And if at some point a reverse course is desired, just do it. My best wishes to you. ~Tesa

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