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The cow…

I watched a cowboy on foot chasing a bull around up and down the mountain across from my house trying to lasso the creature. The bull would have no part in this game and would simply run away every time he was approached. I shouted "Difficulte" at him as the young man huffed and puffed and even built up a sweat. He was perhaps 20 and I thought I wonder if he is paid by the cow or by the hour because he is not gonna make any money by the cow. The last I saw he ran over a hill after the cow. A little while later I see the cow coming down the road by himself somehow having escaped the pasture fence. He stops near my front yard and starts eating grass and licking a giant rock. He stays there for quite some time and his fellow cows come to stare at him from their state of captivity on the other side of the fence. I figure the cowboy would come get him but he never does so finally I go out there and say "Hey cow go home!" and try to get near him to shoo him back up he road. He lowers his horns as if to charge while giving me a very suspicious look. I return to my house to get my walking stick and approach said cow this time swatting at his butt with the stick and again he lowers his head as if to charge. I back away in fear wondering if the stick will actually stop a charging bull. Finally I decide I am the man he is the cow… he will obey !!! so I go back up swat at him and he moves a few feet up the hilI. I do it again but he turns giving me the murderous charge look again. I decide this is too labor intensive and why should I help the cowboy who let the cow escape and has abandoned the cow anyway.

It was then that I noticed the bull had both horns and tits. I had stumbled across a transgender cow. No wonder he had an attitude. He was confused and probably persecuted by the other cows. I left transgender cow alone after that. I went for a walk and when I returned some neighbors were waking down the street and had found the liberated cow and somehow said a few words to it and opened a section of the fence that was also a gate and they got the cow to go back without a fight. My neighbor has explained that they have female cows here with horns and this is not unnatural.I am accepting this without judging the cow in any way


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