Off to Panama

I am off to Panama. I made a decent bit of money daytrading bitcoins yesterday so I asked my boss if I could have some time off for a vacation. My boss (which is me) said sure but aren’t you already on vacation? I said well call it a vacation within a vacation. I will start off tomorrow going whitewater rafting on a world class river with a bunch of tourists

see here for more info

I will be able to speak English for a change..YEAH! .From there the guide said he would drop me off at the bus stop that will take me to Limon.I was going to spend a day or two in Limon but when I called my buddy today he said absolutely not don’t leave the bus station in Limon just transfer to the bus that goes to Puerto Vie Jo. Limon is a dangerous city not typical of Costa Rica. I am assured I will arrive in Puerto Vie Jo by night as the total 2 bus rides are less then 4 hours. I will check out the beach town and then plan on crossing the border into Panama for a few days probably staying at the Boca beach and get my passport stamped so I can stay another 90 days in Costa Rica. My budget will be $50 a day but if I want to spend more I will just ask my boss (me) to increase my daily allowance. Finally I have a plan. I am a man with a plan. Freedom is interesting. I am not used to having no commitments or obligations. This is the first time in my life where I am doing whatever I want whenever I want. This is also my first pleasure outing since coming to Costa Rica. Below is a map of the area surrounding Turrialba.


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