I met the American poker players.

I had been told where to look for Americans playing poker so I decided to go and find them in this beach town on the Caribbean. As I was about to leave I saw a dog get run over by a large woman on an ATV. I heard myself scream NOOOO as I watched the dog tumble underneath the vehicle getting scraped by the bottom.The dog actually appeared to duck at one point,When he finally emerged from underneath in what I can only describe as a miracle, he barked loudly and ran away full speed.I saw him yesterday and chased him to get a picture.(see pic) He wouldn’t let me examine him but he is not limping,

After the dog thing I took a $4 cab ride to the large restaurant right on the beach . I asked the pretty young Danish bartender if it was true they played real poker here. She pointed to a man at a table and said to talk to him. I went over and asked if they played poker and introduced myself and was immediately warmly welcomed and took a seat with 6 Americans and partied with these people the rest of the evening.. There was no poker that night. I had to declare it a party to violate my 4 drink limit (once a month I am allowed to do this as part of my anti alcoholic program)..It was explained to me that the poker is Mon Wed Fri 1pm with $20 buyins in a cash game of Texas holdem no limit… a perfect game for me. The man and his wife (also the poker dealer) and I struck it off right way,the wife had been an EMT and seen a lot of scary stuff in her medical career,her husband tried to join the service in 66 but no one would take him as he was a HS dropout but in 67 uncle sam drafted him when the war ramped up so he flew on helicopters in Vietnam.

The restaurant is about 30 yards from beach….sounds of the warm Caribbean waves crashing on shore giving off negative ions which is very healthy. Btw the waves here are rather large and I decided not to go out beyond them when swimming. Pot was freely smoked at the outside tables of the restaurant . Now when people are stoned it is like they are being constantly lightly tickled and so it is very easy to laugh. The object of the group then becomes to crack joke after joke so everyone can keep laughing all night. This is also what the goal of a party is. If there is silence in a group of stoned people it is not so uncomfortable as it just means they are zoning out. I found out where I can buy a gun if I want one (unfortunately they are not legal here for nonresidents anymore) however when considering such a purchase one must be reminded of the old saying (I’d rather face a jury of 12 then be 6 ft under). Don’t worry I didn’t buy a gun but I reserve the right to. Most of the Americans own guns here.

At the end of the eve the older couple wouldn’t let me take a cab back to my place insisting on giving me a ride and stopping off at a few choice restaurants to introduce me to the owners and have a drink. The last one was about to start triva night so Rick insisted I meet these pretty young American women. I said hello then returned to my table in the corner. Rick said no no your sitting here and then I realized I am supposed to be part of their trivia team so I sat next to a young American woman and had a great time chatting with her and her boyfriend and two of her friends. One of the friends was recovering from what they believed was a parasite infection that she believes she caught in Rwanda where she had just come from. We discussed possible alternative remedies and it was decided she would try colloidal silver since that is available nearby. The woman next to me and her boyfriend drove down here from the states and she worked for odesk writing articles online.It was fun exchanging high fives with this crowd.There is a disproportionate amount of young women tourists to men here for some reason.I would say 66 women for every 33 men. Of course they are not interested in guys my age but I enjoy their company. We played trivia and one of the prizes the bar awarded was a joint.I kid you not.

The next day I went and played poker and met more Americans.It was fun.My new buddy is actually a very heavy drinker. He is still partying like it’s 1969. After hanging out,playing for 5 hours of poker I lost $25 and then stayed again to hang out and ended up drinking 6 drinks again.The next day I felt ill plus I broke my rule about not drinking more than 4 drinks except once a month so now I am declaring myself on Alcoholic alert. If I was a muslim I think I would be flogging myself. Today I will jog on the beach and pace myself when playing poker.


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