Living the dream.

I am relaxing more and more in this beach town. I have visited nearby Cocles and Playa Chichuita on a rented bike which was painted wild colors by a Rasta man,These places are very beautiful. I also went to the famous Rocking J’s hostel which is a flashback to the seventies and where tons of young people stay. They were very paranoid about people taking video’s with signs everywhere. I took a picture but was immediately busted and the couple I happened to include in the background the guy started telling his girlfriend about me even pointing at me. Fearing I would be exiled permanently I quickly left on my own accord,

I am loving the poker games. Last night I won a little bit after losing about $3 an hr on my other games. It is like a men in black bar,there are two large black dudes I find fascinating. They are brothers. One looks like predator with huge dreads and the other reminds me of George Foreman. They would have worked well with me in the mental hospital. The game has been described as the friendliest game of cutthroat poker you ever did see. I am meeting lots of people at these games. Two young restaurant owners impressed me. One has a chocolate factory and a yoga studio on the second floor of the building.(No his name is not Willy) I think I am going to tour his place and take a yoga lesson afterwards. Maybe I will get lucky and meet a woman who can put her ankle behind her ear.

There are some strange creatures here, for example, a crab crawled up out of my shower drain which is not securely attached by the way,see picture. This creature looks like a combination of a scorpion and a spider and can climb fences. There are many larger crabs outside and they scamper into holes in the ground when approached. I have seen a giant one at least a foot across in one of the gaping sewer holes in town. Anyway this creature received a death sentence from me. I sqoooshed it and will immediately stomp any on site any who enter my peaceful abode.

Yesterday I saw fairly close up, a lizard about a foot long that runs like a Raptor from Jurassic park. My poker buddies say it is called a Jesus lizard because it can walk on water with its webbed feet. (See picture to left of tree)

Then there was the large iguana. I was looking out the kitchen window when a large volume of liquid fell into the creek below,I thought someone is pouring something from the second story of this building but there is no second story so I looked closer then a large glob of what looked like poop plopped right into the creek behind my house. I looked up in the tree and finally saw a very still and quiet 3ft iguana who had just pooped and peed like a man into the creek below. The iguana may be dead now because a day or two later I saw a man in the creek not twenty feet from me with a gun in the one hand and a stick in the other staring intently at the creek bank. Not wanting to strike up a conversation with a man with a gun, I walked away. I heard two shots .I can only assume that this is my neighbors preferred method of grocery shopping since they don’t have coupons to cut out here.

I have met many locals one in particular fascinates me ,Marvin a very old man of 78 years who is a true survivalist. He has no income except what he produces from making things from discarded materials and wood. He told me he cries sometimes. I give him coins. He sells cheese graters and carved wooden boats,dishes and creates flower arrangements etc. He can climb a coconut tree..He is totally illegal and without papers but says he passes thru the borders of Panama and Nicaragua as a vagabond and the border guards just wave him thru since they know he is harmless. I show pictures of him working as a stray horse goes by on the beach and later he sleeps on the restaurant table where I drink coffee in the morning. He trades his flower arrangements for coffee and food from the restaurant which is owned by an English couple and at night this is where the sketchy pot and cocaine dealers hang out.

I really enjoy bathing in the Caribbean. I do this instead of taking a shower with crabs in the drain. I read an article that said this is very healthy for your skin. It works very well until it comes time to wash my private parts. Then I have to stick my hand down my bathing suit with a bar of soap,I try to do this part quickly as a large wave passes over me without being dragged out to sea by the riptide. If the timing is not just right and a young couple is walking by they see this white guy with his hands down his pants staring at the woman in the thong bathing suit. Her boyfriend feels this is inappropriate and they are visibly ucomfortable. For all I know I may be wanted for being an obscene groper.

In a few weeks after passing through Panama I will be going back to the mountains where I am going to look into the idea of leasing with the option to buy, a building which is in a perfect location for a grocery store and also has a fantastic view of the valley below which will be a lake next year. There is also an apartment in the building. The idea is I can open a grocery store since in this nearby town there is NONE and people have to travel miles to get food.There are many opportunities for business in Costa Rica. Until next time Amigo’s


3 thoughts on “Living the dream.

  1. did you finally get cream for your coffee?  coffee is HORRID without at least 1/2 & 1/2 but cream is the BEST!

    • no Carroll but I found the best coffee place in town called bread and chocolate and play poker with the young American owner.The cream they use I think is just whole milk I don’t believe they have half and half in all of Costa Rica and the only cream I have found comes in a box and is semi solid

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