My first yoga class.

I am continuing in Puerto Viejo beach town near Panama for ten more days.I went to the nearby yoga class in a studio above the chocolate factory owned by a young American guy I play poker with. I anticipated all day going to yoga at 430pm as the sun starts to go down. I started to walk ,but then met Tony the transport guy for tourists. I enjoy his company immensely when playing poker because he is constantly smiling and is naturally funny with huge teeth he reminds me of a ventriloquist doll with a strong Spanish accent. He drops me off at the chocolate factory and I say hi to the owner, Paul, who has dreads, but he is a white guy from Wisconsin. He and his wife had a child here and they are residents now as a result instead of just tourists. I had a chocolate drink (best I ever had) and bought a chocolate bar from a refrigerated room. I met a tall, thin, blonde American surfer dude whose dad runs a restaurant. The father catches fish by day and cooks by night,. I am amazed by surfer dudes because they all have 6 pack abs that extend endlessly down into their groin. I never had a body like that so I am jealous.The yoga teacher is waiting for people and she is about 30 and blonde ,an American girl trying to drum up a clientele so she can make it financially. She is gorgeous of course.Then two other woman arrive who are middle aged but in very good shape and look like sisters..We are on the second floor of the building which is a large open area with some mats to sit on with a fantastic view of the ocean. There is monk like music playing and I have to watch the young woman do these poses and copy her. Watching her is the easy part as it becomes progressively harder and I began to sweat. One pose was called the "Sleeping Pigeon" where I was supposed to make my leg go in an L shape in front of me and then lay forward on the leg and look far away and stretch out the opposite arm. After holding this pose for what seemed like an eternity I had the thought that if I didn’t untwist myself immediately they may have to rename the sleeping pigeon to "snap leg like neck of chicken".

Later we did these sit up type of rocking motions to where I really wanted to quit but refused since I was in a room with only women .Towards the end the teacher came over and ,while I was assuming the position she said to put my foot against her thigh and she manipulated my butt and said "very tight" and it was like a sexy chiropractic adjustment ,then another time she mashed down my shoulders and rubbed the back of my head. After the class I felt so limber it made me feel very much like a tough guy again,so I decided to walk back even tho it was getting dark ,I felt I could do all the Tae Kwan Do moves I know from my past. I thought if anyone messes wth me I will kick them really hard and grab a stick and start playing "Wack a Mole" with them as I bop them over the head repeatedly. Perhaps I missed the spiritual lessons of the Yoga class.

On another spiritual note my neighbor Bill from my country house has a boss who is younger then me and dying from alcoholism. This man just went through detox after having seizures and needed to be hospitalised for many days. Once released he is now back drinking again. Knowing that he will soon die if he doesn’t quit drinking he has decided to go to a woman Shaman deep in the jungle and take a very powerful hallucinogenic tea and stay up all night visiting the Spirit world where he hopes to change his life and emerge from this journey able to say no to alcohol. This has worked for many before him. Bill has decided to take this trip also and so they are both preparing for it. This shamanic practice has been used for centuries to access the spirit world which both terrifies and exhilarates those who journey there. There are beings in the spirit world.

> Typically one fasts beforehand and after drinking the tea, they vomit and then the trip starts and it sounds like a magical mystery tour for sure but not to be taken lightly. I may do it myself if it has a positive effect on these guys. You can learn more about this experience called Ayahuasca here

and an account from a guy who did not prepare at all and considered it the worst night of his life

Until next time.


5 thoughts on “My first yoga class.

  1. Stings autobiography “Broken Music” starts with the first chapter being about being in the rainforest outside of Rio and drinking hallucinogenic tea called Ayahuasca. He called it life changing – Interesting read.

  2. Hey!  Just thought I’d tell you I was initiated into the Lakota Sioux by this intense Sioux medicine man.  It was INTENSE & 1 of the scariest experiences I ever had even though I had beem meditating for years already.  I saw things I would never have believed possible & I hadn’t taken any drugs for that one.  These voyages are not to be taken lightly & can be truly life altering.  Keep me posted.  Did you ever read the Carlos Castaneda books?

    • Yes I am fascinated by the Shamantic trip into the Spirit world. I want to learn about the mind the universal mind and fear as well as love. It is an individual religious experience. My friends may meet God as they conceive of him or the devil himself.The only thing I truly fear about it is the idea of not coming down or staying altered for weeks.I had a friend in the Army who did LSD and tripped for 3 weeks instead of a few hours.

  3. Hi Martin

    It sounds like you’re having a great adventure. You seem to have the right spirit to take on whatever Life presents you with.

    Think very, very, very carefully before agreeing to an Ayahuasca experience. Even if there are short-term benefits, you would be opening your “field” to entities that might decide to stay with you. There is nothing in the world more precious than the sanctity and sanctuary of our consciousness.

    All the best ~ Elia

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