I am leaving Puerto Viejo beach town after a month, to go to Bocas Panama

I hate to leave this relaxed beach town I have called home now for over a month but my lease is up and I am off to Panama for a few days before making my way back to my house in the mountains.I am going to look into starting a grocery store . I could spend a year here no problem. There is a sense of community a self sustaining attitude, Shannon my yoga teacher, said and she is right as without govt assistance everyone has their needs met from the crack peddler to the lazy bum to the handicapped entreprenuer and 78 year old Marvin..It has no gas station nearest one a few miles up road. There are no movie theatres or bowling alleys no hi rises not even decent trash service but there is a bunch of happy relaxed people living by the sea in paradise catering to tourists who only dream of living such a life. Many come back and make it their home.The tourists have money and the locals have little of that but they have a peaceful natural life. Oscar, a waiter here, grew up right in this town when they had no electricity and he said people went to bed at 7pm and it was soooo beautiful back then.He is not materialistic at all and cherishes his family. People live on Karma here. There are very few pretenses .People accept you easily here no matter what your social status/Blacks, whites,Europeans and Costa Ricans all get along here just fine. An article I read said there are people from 49 countries in this town and I believe it. The temperature can be a little warm and fans are definitely needed in houses but I could see getting into a routine here doing some volunteer work with the bribri indigenous people, playing poker , trivia night and live music at Lazy Mons at sunset every night. Walking along and bathing in the Caribbean. With a house rented or bought and a companion, this would not be a bad place to call home. After living in Sarasota for so long I am fond of being in a tourist town where people are happy and partying on vacation. Life should be and endless vacation. The dark picture is me and the British poker dealer who appeals to me. The sloth picture is from one of two sloths I came across roaming at large and this one was in a dangerous place where kids could kill him and I tried to move him for three days but he would not cooperate. He finally left on his own.


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