From Bocas Panama to now in San Jose gambling

Bocas is best. I have decided that of the few places I have been that Bocas town in Panama is the best.(see pics) I say that because after being there 9 days I conclude it is at least as beautiful,cheaper and actually safer then Puerto Viejo, with a much larger established ex pat community. In addition I met a man who owns a prepper island 5 miles away and he is agreeable to letting me live there if times get really bad which as a prepper I fear they will.So for me Bocas is best.There is water everywhere both beaches and endless waterfront hotels restaurants etc.I can live for a few hundred a month in a giant 6 br house on the water which a friend I made built and could go fishing etc anytime I wanted. Prices to buy real estate are very high and unrealistic but you can rent for cheap.

While in Bocas I negotiated with the hotel owner to pay $20 a night for my hotel room with AC and really enjoyed the view from the lounge right on the water.(see pic) I went on a dolphin, sloth,starfish, tour where we snorkeled and stopped on a secluded island for a few hours. (pictured) I played lots of poker (and came out ahead $13 for Bocas poker) I went surfing ,ate out every meal ,rented a bike for a week and saw many sights. I visited slums and offered to volunteer as an RN with who are down here. I also met many people from around the world including a nice American woman I think I could date. The weather was actually pretty good. It is always between 70-90 in Bocas but a cool breeze blows on the water and rain and some clouds keeps it from getting too hot.

> So I went from Bocas back to Puerto Viejo to check out a house for sale that is a fixer upper 400 metres from the beach for 12k. I was impressed because for another 5k of work it could be a nice house I could rent for $400 a month and it is in a good neighborhood and the owner will finance (see pic) I then took a 4 hr bus ride to San Jose where I am at now on my way back to Turrialba where my country house is.

> Now San Jose is like the New York city of Costa Rica with modern well built buildings and infrastructure. Lots of beautiful women walking around. (See pic of my bartender who is serving me a meal as I write this) I spent the night with some friends from Sarasota who are checking out Costa Rica to decide if they want to live here. Most people do not speak English in fact out of twenty random people I asked while trying to find a casino no one spoke English and I was led astray until I had walked for an hour and just took a cab. At one point I asked a tough guy to give me directions and he suggested I just take a cab because there are some bad people and I said "no I will fight". He said oh you fight and smiled then he gave me directions.I refuse to stay off the streets in broad daylight in a non slum area.Turns out there were only annoying salsepeople trying to sell me cuban cigars and viagra.I’m like …."Do I look like I need Viagra dude?and those cigars you got there give me diarrhea."

> I have been gambling now for two days and I am up $514. I am staying another day and was told I had to leave my $55 a night hotel because it is closing tomorrow for good. I checked into the casino that has high stakes poker games every day here. Last night I walked in and bought the minimum chips of $100 and sat with guys who all had $500 or more in chips sitting in front of them. I felt like pee wee herman.Then my very first hand I get a freaking straight flush. Of course I end up going all in and win about $65 but in addition the house gave me $200 for winning the straight flush and the manager bought me dinner.

This casino hotel costs $79 a night but is very fancy. There is a telephone in my bathroom. (See pics) They have good security here. Below is a pic of a guy I call Guido. He is the reason I feel very safe. He is huge and carries a shotgun. I have seen many hookers. Some were quite forward with me. One young very pretty one whispered sweet x rated promises into my ear. I thought about saying "Oh I never thought about that before"" or maybe "Would you put that in writing for me?" It has been very hard to concentrate on gambling with all these women around like that. Normally I would check out a pretty woman but at the casinos if you stare, you will almost certainly be propositioned by the one you stare at. The hotel hookers want $100 for an hour but are flexible and there are other places where they charge $35 for a half hour. Now you know all you need to know about hookers. I began to feel sorry for them as business was very slow I mean there were at least 60 women and very few customers. If I wanted to stay here and play poker every day there is an efficiency apt I could rent for $400 a month a few blocks from the Mona Lisa casino hotel. It doesn’t seem that dangerous here as I had heard it was but every single building has either bars on every window or a metal shutter that comes down the front when it is closed. It has been an adventure moving around to different places.Until next time.

> Martin


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