Back in Turrialba now.

I have returned from traveling and have been hanging out in Turrialba the quiet non tourist city near my mountain house. I don’t like living in my house full time because it is so remote and I have not been able to get internet that works out there,so I rented a nice 2br apartment a few minutes walk from city center. The rent is $350 a month.(See pics)

I worked on starting a grocery store but the owner of the building would not allow a lease purchase deal so I am now considering some other business options as well as making a little bit of money online investing in high yield ventures. I am also waiting for bitcoins to rise again so I will feel rich.

I continue to like living my life here. I particularly like not having to work a sheeple slavey job and to have reasonable expenses living in a beautiful climate and views of nature with friendly local people.
There are however things that are frustrating like no movie theatres or good microbrewed beers. and hardly anyone speaks English here. Meeting women in this town is very difficult when I speak Spanish at a two year old level. I was flirting with a woman in a hardware store recently and told her Mi Espanol es terrible (pronounced Teribleeee) She seemed to think it was worst then terrible because she told me it was FATAL.

There are tons of women about 20 something but honestly I am not gonna be getting one of them unless they are either a prostitute or a pseudo prostitute (that is a women who will sleep with you and be your lover but needs help with her bills)

I don’t really mind being single. An American woman is coming to visit me in a week which will be nice.
I met a guy named Kiki, an older guy who owns a pool hall with lots of slot machines in it and in the back room they have a nightly game of poker. He introduced me to many people and I played poker with a bunch of guys who didn’t speak English. They seemed fascinated with me especially when I would stand up on a big hand and cuss when I Iost. I am learning to cuss in Spanish now so I can really give them a show.

I have been feeding a dog that I like and other city dogs as well. You have heard of the horse whisperer well I am the dog feederer. My favorite dog I have decided to call Perra since she is a girl and Perro in Spanish means dog.

Tico’s have a different idea of pet ownership here. They send their dogs out onto the streets to the school of hard knocks to learn how to cross streets in the city. Some fail and hence we have 3 legged dogs here. On back streets you might see dogs lay in the middle of the street. This morning I saw two street sleeping dogs and at least 12 roaming ones on my way to the cafe I go to.

I am working on a project whereby I will have a sandbag dome home built for a buyer who orders it for 30k ,on the mountain top property my neighbor owns and when I sell it I will have enough to pay for the rest of the property and can start a prepper community of off grid disaster proof dome homes.(See pics of the land)… I am stepping up my prepper efforts now as the world looks very scary to me and I would love to have a sandbag dome home myself>>> until next time



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