Found the prepper cave. Now scheduled to vomit and hallucinate all night long.

I’m settled in my apt in Turrialba. I have eliminated the different business ideas for various reasons except am looking into raising rabbits with a friend who speaks english and has land. If nothing pans out by Jan I may move to Puerto Viejo beach town and buy the fixer upper house there and possibly sell or rent my country house. I don’t need to own a prepper retreat house because my buddy has two houses I could use for that purpose. Turrialba is too boring for me to stay forever in unless I had a true love romance or a profitable business. It is a PG rated town. I need at least PG-13

A visitor has come to visit me for two weeks. She is a plant expert who found out about me from a prepper and contacted me online. She doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life so she is here to find out. She carried a care package to me from a friend in the states which had all sorts of goodies like pascalite clay,sutures, skin stapler and celox blood clotting first aid material etc. This is not a romantic relationship. I am being a host for two weeks which is different to say the least. She is perhaps the only blonde in all of Turrialba.

Diana wanted to see the country house I have and the cave I had been told about by my neighbor Bill. The cave I believe would be a great place to take shelter in extreme earth changes. So off we went taking a bus with full backpacks after being dropped off at the last stop, walking 40 minutes mostly down a mountain to my house. We took breaks so she could rest her legs. Stayed two nights in the country,saw many exotic birds and I created wild grass juice with a mortar and pestle. It tasted like the taste I used to get when being tackled in football and grass was mashed into my lips and teeth. I also ate wild coconuts and many oranges from the trees and Diana boiled a banana blossom which was quite tasty. Saw lots of exotic birds and heard their varied and unsual cries including a large flock of yakking green parrots. Diana identified many plants ,some of which we could eat such as Taro root and a plant with a flower that tastes like a peanut.

I could not procure the ladder Bill told me to borrow from a neighbor to get to the entrance of the cave. The entrance is on the side of a cliff. We hiked there anyway, trudging up and down a mountain, sweating like pigs. Once we found the cave it was apparent I was not going to get up the face of the cliff to enter it without risking life and limb as it entailed low crawling up a vertical cliff covered with vegetation and all manner of bugs. (see pic) I did try to do it but gave up and declared I would have to be paid $80 to do it. When I jumped back down on the ground there was a multi colored large insect crawling upon my shoulder. The cave itself has an underground spring coming out of a hole in it and flowing out the mouth of the cave,The water is extremely tasty.

On the way back to Turrialba we had to walk up the mountain an hr and 15 mins to the bus stop which is a Battan death march on a warm day with full backpack but luckily the second car to pass us picked us up. It took 45 mins for two cars to go by. We caught the bus and an old man sat next to me and began to babble incessantly in Spanish. I said mmm hmmm and Ahhh and nodded my head pretending to know what he was talking about.Then he started coughing and pulled out a cup from a bag and started spitting slimey mucus into the cup. I almost asked him if he chain smoked all his life but just turned away to avoid being grossed out.

Now we are back in the city and I have decided to do the Ayahuasca ancient Peruvian rainforest ritual where a woman Shaman will give me a bitter herbal concoction that will make me hallucinate all night long. Diana wants to do it as well to get messages from the spirit world as to what to do with her life. I didn’t want to do it because it involves vomiting and diarrhea and I have had enough diarrhea but I have intense curiosity about it. We will lie on mats with little barf bowls at our feet,I am bringing an extra roll of toilet paper. I spoke with the husband of the Shaman who is from Peru and he said she comes from a long line of Shamans. He said there is a small chance they may be forced to tie me up because about one out of a hundred get rowdy and have to be restrained. I will tell him that if he has to restrain me to please scream at me as loud as he can "I’M GONNA RESTRAIN YOU BOY! " because I did that to hundreds of teenagers in the mental hospital and it seemed to calm down a few.

Bill told me he expelled a demon the second time he did Ayahuasca with his boss and that he barfed it out as his voice sounded like a lion while he puked. His boss was doing it to quit drinking but when the apparition was descending upon him to show him some truths he told it to go away and that he didn’t want to know what it was going to show him. As a result he is still drinking and now in the hospital again experiencing deadly DT’s

I have scheduled to do it this Friday so I will report back my experience when I return.


ps I have a timeshare cat that was abandoned by the previous renter of my apartment. I am sharing with my neighbor.I named her skittles,pictured below.

Here is the facebook link to the Ayahuasca website

Here are pics of in my yard by a banana tree, country house, 3.the area below the cave that is a waterfall, 4.a bridge we walked over and 5. Skittles the timeshare cat.


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