Ayahuasca was the most profound life changing event of my entire life.

I said I would report back on exactly what happened to me in my Ayahuasca experience. I am sorry but I can not do it on a public blog. For one thing it was extremely personal. Also my attitude towards the ceremony was not a serious one and I was arrogant coming into it including making jokes about barfing out demons etc.This was shown to me by beings I became aware of during the experience and I apologised and have the utmost respect for them now. I also remember making a promise not to reveal at least one thing I learned from the beings and I do not feel I am authorised to describe Ayahuasca in detail on account of my arrogance.

I will say that Ayahuasca makes an LSD trip look like Kindergarten. My life has been changed forever in a positive way. I can say that now but at the time I did not think most of the experience was pleasant at all. It was very traumatic and humbling, Many things will be different in my life from this point forward.



3 thoughts on “Ayahuasca was the most profound life changing event of my entire life.

  1. Martin, read “The Blinding Light” by Paul Theroux. He is usually a travel writer but occasionally writes fiction. The Blinding Light is about Ayahuasca. Paul Theroux could be my favorite author as I can’t think of one I like more. Although Blinding Light is fiction Paul Theroux would NEVER write about something he didn’t try and have personal knowledge of.

  2. Hello,
    My name is Jolie, and I am interested in doing Ayahuasca. I would like to hear about your experience if you don’t mind. I am going to Costa Rica and more specifically to Turrialba with my University to volunteer by the end of August. I would like to go there earlier or stay a little bit later to do Ayahuasca. Could you give me the information of the person that performed for you the ceremony and also the price, please?

    Thank you


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