Blitzing across Costa Rica and Panama.

After doing the Ayahuasca drug ceremony near Cartago Costa Rica, Diana (a guest)and I, went back to recuperate at my apartment in Turrialba. We then set out for some traveling and I am on a visa run a little early. We started out taking a bus to San Isidro in SW Costa Rica. Bill told me the women their were like old Costa Rica from the 90’s, very flirtatious and even tho I was traveling with a woman I felt the nice curious stares much more than in Turrialba. The ride to San Isidro showed gorgeous scenery through what I think must be cloud forests with many enchanted looking trees at very high altitudes. San Isidro was nothing special just a town with not much night life so we continued on.

Dominical on the Pacific ocean. Once in Dominical I realised it was pretty dead as it is a one horse town (population 200) very bohemian, but very pretty. The foliage is more exotic than in Turrialba. Diana and I separated in Dominical because she wanted to stay another day .The beach was pretty but rocky. This is the first time I have seen the Pacific. It still looks good despite Fukishima killing it softly..Ladies night in Dominical consisted of one very cute girl who came in and spoke very fast Spanish to a bunch of men and they laughed and then she left. My hotel guy lied to me about having wifi so I had to go to a bus stop next door and get free internet emanating from the electric company that pervades this country known as ICE.


Next stop was Golfito which is a pretty town situated on a horseshoe shaped gulf. It is just a long road 4 miles long with no concentrated center like I am used to so that part I didn’t like.I met a waitress at a nice hotel I stayed at on the water and felt love at first sight. She was very friendly so I finally emailed her to ask her out after I left the restaurant she worked at. I am not sure what got into me. She has a 9yo girl and lives in a 1br apt she pays $100 a month for. I think it was a turn off when I told her my daughter was married after she asked. I think my daughter is older then her but for this woman I didn’t care, she was so loving and not vain about her beauty and she is the ONLY woman I have met that speaks acceptable English. She never wrote back.((

I am going with my true self ever since the Ayahuasca trip which has seriously rebirthed me. Write me if you want the detailed version of the Ayahuasca journey.
I have crossed the border into Panama and what a hassle. I was informed that I must have a return airline ticket to America in order to enter Panama.This freaked me out because I had to buy a return ticket to the homeland when I left AmeriKa which expired without me using it because I don’t know when I will return to the states,so now Panama would not accept a bus ticket back to Costa Rica as proof that i wouldt be a vagabond in Panama and I had already exited Costa Rica so I was like Snowden in a holding area between two countries.

Then a man who sees my problem presents me with a solution by introducing me to another man who takes me a few feet away to an office which sells imaginary real airline tickets.The ticket is real but I will not be able to use it because they will cancel it in 24 hrs. It will cost me $52.Of course I had to pay it and then the two guys wanted money from me and were not happy when I offered them $5 to split so being in a spiritual mode I coughed up another $5. We were required to have $500 US dollars on us or a bank statement showing we had money in a bank. I interpret all this to be coming from the US as they try to repatriate Americans in a desperate attempt to keep their tax cows from voting with their feet. This policy is costing Panama alot of money as I saw two people turn around (one of which was Diana who I ran into again in the line and she refused to produce the money so she just gave up on going to Panama and another guy didn’t have $500 until his pension check cleared.) It is also become very hard to transfer money out of America as small businesses routinely have their bank wires frozen for weeks while the bank demands to know all about the sender and 3 months of bank records from the sender.

Armuelles Panama

Anyway I ended up going to the nearest beach town Puerto Armeulles. I asked three teenagers where the bus to Armuelles is and they acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about .Finally one of them said Armuelles in a slightly different pronunciation and I said yeah I just said that ten times. Then I rode on the worlds’ most crowded bus. I felt a girls ass against mine as my midsection was being thrust towards the face of a seated 14 year old teenybopper girl,then I thought I was being pickpocketed but it was just a guy forced to rub up against me. There were no English speaking people anywhere. I wasn’t even sure I was on the right bus so teenybopper girl translated for me and I told the whole bus my Spanish was terrible which seemed to delight them to watch the gringo squirm. Every time the bus would stop all these fat ladies would get off and I would think "Thank God I can breathe again" but then this guy who must have worked in a sardine factory would cram them all back on, plus a few more. Only one or two had gotten off from the back.There was very romantic spanish music which I love.It is as if all of the people love this very inspiring passionate music and the teenybopper girl sang along to every song . Once in town I saw no tourists,people were not as friendly, the beach was so so,people looked a little sketchy ,dogs were mangier. Prices were very affordable actually very good prices.I made a mistake and went to a hotel far from the center of the city. You have heard of cookaracha well this was the Cockaroacha motel. No wifi or hot water for $20 a night. I tried to take a nap but a dog who I will name Cujo was barking incessantly for 15 mins.I had anger issues so ran outside and screamed "Shut the fuck up!" as loud as I could and Cujo actually shut up (taking a beak from eating tin foil).A black dude standing a few ft away, backed away as I passed him . He was actually afraid of me I think he wanted to sound the gringo gone loco alert. I found the owner and started ranting Usted Pero arf arf mucho malo Jo no dormir. He went and took Cujo off of his 1 ft leash in the pouring rain while talking shit about me to the black man in Spanish and I returned to me nap.

I went to a seafood restaurant for dinner and met an insane genius Iraqi war vet who once he learned that I was an army veteran also, he insisted he would be honored if I sat down with him and his cousin who was celebrating his 30th birthday.He pulled out a hard drive from his man purse and said it had something like a terabyte of info on it and that he had every movie that has ever been made on it. Claimed he was going to open a movie theatre. Said he and 30 other veterans are all trying to get disability for being crazy. Showed me his prescription for Ritalin. Others joined us and we all had many drinks then a religious ice cream salesman came over and handed only me a cone with no ice cream in it and walked away.I was told it was a blessing as he was so religious and he wanted to honor me somehow. The beautiful waitress who was married suggested I try yucca fries so I had octopus with yucca fries and it was absolutely delicious and I forgot it was yucca and thought they were french fries.I also had 2 very large beers and 2 glasses of wine with the meal for like $11. Next stop the city of David Panama



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