Found romance, fell in a ditch, now limping , but have a possible dancing date with a 20 year old..

I left Armuelles for the big city of David, Panama. I liked it there for a city it was not bad. Of course if the lights went out it would not be a good place to be from a prepper point of view. I felt safe.Many streets were filthy with trash but there were also many modern buildings. I Stayed at one of the best hotels I have stayed at for $40 with AC ,two big beds, a flat screen TV, A/C ,wifi, real hot water and modern construction. I walked all around, and shopped at Picadilly’s a modern store with decent quality clothes. Prices were very cheap. I managed to win a total of $135 from 3 casinoes over two days despite there being no texas holdem.People were not as friendly as in Costa Rica. Also Costa Rica is definitely prettier than Panama I have decided after riding many hours on buses. BTW I am the ONLY over 40 person in Central America going around with a backpack on buses.

> From David I went back to Costa Rica to Cortes which is not as big as the circle on the map seemed to indicate. It is situated near rivers and the ocean. I only stayed in Cortes one night and was immediately struck by how friendly the women were. For example the hotel owner practically drooled on me but she had to be over 60 and showed it.Then there was a chubby subway manager that went out of her way to give me directions and advice and then there was a gorgeous small blonde waitress that I swear would have gone out with me but I was too embarassed to ask her out while the entire restaurant observed our flirting plus I was planning on leaving the next day.

> The next day ,still regretting that opportunity, I got on a bus to Quepos the next biggest beach town on my map. Quepos is not directly on the beach but nearby Manual Antonio beach is quite pretty. At a rest stopped I discovered a cute woman and picked her up or maybe she picked me up I am not sure. We both stared at each other ,she looked 29 but was 41. Finally I asked her to come sit with me as there were many empty seats. There was strong animal magnetism. She didn’t speak a word of English but we managed to communicate in the oldest language. There was romance in the air and the last two days have been like a honeymoon. The only bad thing was after eating the best meal I have had in Costa Rica (Fresh Maui Maui with coconut and pineapple) in a restaurant that was actually in a woman’s house, see pic,that I forgot where our hotel was and she did too so we were wandering around Quepos lost in the dark and we were about to cross the street when a rude driver stopped in such a way that we had to go behind him.There was a trash can blocking my view and I was irritated at the rude driver so I bolted to the left quickly thinking I was making my usual coordinated manuevering. As I stepped on what I thought was a solid surface it was actually beyond the edge of a cliff as I fell into a ditch from about 3ft high. (see pics) I felt pain in my ankle as it twisted along the incline of the ditch. The entire town was suddenly watching as Melissa screamed. I popped out of the ditch covered in dirty water and she motioned like where is your bag? and my lil knapsack I had slung over my shoulder was in the ditch, dirty water pouring over it. It had my asus tablet in it which got a lil water damage and is just now drying out and working properly again. My ankle has been hurting since then but is mostly better now after I put lavendar oil on it repeatedly..

> I was a slip and fall victim. of the absurdly dangerous walkways in CR. I have pictures and witnesses but the chances of winning a lawsuit I estimate at less that .001%
> I would brag about how my cat like reflexes saved me from serious damage but Melissa who was holding my hand at the time, claimed she actually saved me from even worse harm.
> I said goodbye to Melissa this morning and actually it was a bit sad as the honeymoon was over as she was heading to San Jose.
> I then got on a bus to Jaco and arrived here and got in a cab which had a female cab driver who spoke English. She asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said no I had one about an hr ago but not anymore. Then I checked into a hotel that she recommended for $40 a night which amazingly has construction noises plus the wifi went out after one hr.From now on I am going to ask before I pay>>>is this hotel under construction ?

> Now as for Jaco one of the largest beach towns in Costa Rica on the pacific. I am in heaven this is the best place I have been to of all. It has everything, women, casinos, tons of modern buildings with AC,a decent superwide beach and lots of English speaking people (tourists). I can’t tell you what a welcome relief it is to hear people speak English after being in total Spanish immersion for so long. Jaco also has many many restaurants of all kinds and even a movie theatre now if I can just find some good microbrewed beer I will be in Nirvana. It is a lil hot. I had the best smoothie ever while observing over a dozen large colorful iguana’s that I actually fed with scraps the smoothie lady gave me. You can rent an apt here for $300 a month. I am at a coffee shop now where I just met Paulette (see picture) I asked her how old she was because I thought she looked too young to work. She laughs and insists she is all of 20 years old. I asked her where might I find some place to dance. She has advised me that there is a place, in fact many places I can go dancing. She says she is planning to go to Clarita’s bar tonight after she gets off work as the beer will be $1.She says they have dancing there. I told her I will go there also. (Note to self: cancel Texas Holdem plans at casino… this takes much higher priority) She just left and told me she will see me later tonight. Does this mean I have a date? HAHAHA oh man it doesn’t get much better then this. At $1 a beer I will buy her and all her girlfriends all they can drink and dance the night away with twenty somethings. Wouldn’t that be fun? I am going to do it. Hope my ankle holds out.I need to buy some dancing clothes. Asta Luega

> ps photo’s are 1.festival of independence, David Panama
> 2.Breakfast at fancy $40 hotel in David Panama
> 3.Manuel Antonia beach near Quepos
> 4.same as 3
> 5.Only pic of Melissa
> 6.the ditch I fell into
> 7.more ditch
> 8.The restauraunt in woman’s home .She also sold clothes.Best food ever but expensive
> 9.Paulette who I may dance with tonight


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