I am moving to the beach

I have decided to rent or sell my jungle house and buy a fixer upper near the beach In Puerto Viejo , the lazy Caribbean tourist town on the Caribbean where I spent a month earlier. A friend of mine says it looks like a shack but I say yeah but it will be MY shack and it’s 400 metres to the beach in a perfect location a few min walk to the town and the other way a few mins from where I play poker.I will wait until after comet ison passes the sun before I move. I gave my 30 day notice to my apartment. I like Turrialba but I need more activity and English speaking and I love the ocean plus I will make money on this house. I will also continue my prepping in Puerto Viejo.

So what have I been doing here in Turrialba since traveling ?, In case your interested here is a typical day for me . I pretty much do whatever I want but there is not alot happening.

Wake at crack of dawn or before like 430am ,maybe make cup of coffee while waiting for my favorite cafe to open at 6 where I go down and surf the internet and interact on a very basic level with cafe employees, most all of which are cute young girls.. Breakfast is eggs ,cheese and cooked plaintains (yummy and good for men} and coffee , all for under $4. I might do a bit of shopping or buy a cd movie for $2 . They don’t generally rent movies here and they are all bootleg copies. Then I go back to my apartment pedalling a bike uphill which is good exercise. I like to see if I can see the nearby volcano steaming, and yesterday was the first day where I saw no steam ,hope its not a sign. When I had my female visitor she remarked that she would stay put during any eruption because she thought my location would survive if the volcano blew. I said that’s good because their is only one bike here and I’m gonna be on it if this baby blows and I believe in the slogan every man for himself. Aside from drowning ,my next worst way to die is being burned alive in hot molten lava.

Once back at my apt I continue to surf the internet checking out Steve Quayle and Drudge report for alternative and semi mainstream news .I write and return emails.
I stare at bitcoin charts all day long going up and down mostly up lately. I daytrade bitcoins for fun and profit and it’s actually working but it it would have been more profitable if I had just left that money in bitcoins however I wanted to be protected in case bitcoin crashed to zero so that I would have cash.I get all excited when I make money and tell my self that I am an F *#^ing genius then I try to pratice gratitude and humility.

> Soon its time for a lil walk in the beautiful middle class neighborhood with surrounding hills that look like Switzerland, then lunch of tomato, avocado maybe more plantain and fresh pineapple all of which is very cheap ie tomatos 30 cents a lb. Before you know it nap time is here and then more surfing internet or watch a movie.I don’t watch TV anymore. I might clean up a little if I think things are getting messy and do some laundry by hand and hang it up. by 5 ish I am ready to exercise which I now am experimenting with a very cool program that takes ten mins and may replace my other ten min program I have been doing for over 30 years.

> see here
> http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2013/11/01/mind-body-agility-strength-hiit-combination.aspx?e_cid=20131101Z1_DNL_art_1&utm_source=dnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20131101Z1

> In the Eve I usually walk down to my fav restaurant and chat with Gus who speaks English for a welcome break from Spanish. I’ll have a few drinks and sopa negra (Black bean soup with eggs and rice in it) which is very good (for total cost of $8) and then return to apt and soon it will be 930p around which time I might actually go to sleep.If I play poker or something fun I stay up but otherwise I go to bed early nowadays.

> Yesterday I had a date with a woman I met the night before at a fancy restaurant and I took her to my fav cafe where the cute girls are and also has this one older guy who is a bit of a lech and is trying to hook me up with the heaviest employee. I brought my laptop with google translate on it , plus notecards which I have written the 138 words that I am told are all you need to know to speak Spanish. We sat around the corner in the back and every so often one of the cute girls would pop around to see what was going on and to report back what gringo Martin was actually doing, as it is well known that I can’t speak Spanish worth a damn. People are very curious some would say nosey in Costa Rica. The old man gave me a wink and kept saying Pura Vida.Thankfully my Spanish is improving and I am now at the tarzan level up from the BOY level. I am planning on paying for more lessons.

> Until next time,
> Martin
> ps If you fall in a giant pothole and get hurt here and sue the city the first thing the judge will ask you is > didn’t you see the hole?,

pics are my fixer upper and the neighborhood I live in now in Turrialba


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