30 November, 2013 18:34

My timeshare cat was raped last night by at least one cat and maybe two. I witnessed the foul deed and broke it up pronto.It may have been consensual because Skittles wouldn’t come to me when I called her afterwards and rolled in dirt instead. (afterglow?) The two tomcats fought a rolling fight that went on for two blocks. I am giving Skittles to Bill’s girlfriend who is taking over my lease. I didn’t fully explain that she will attack you if you don’t feed her just like a gremlin that gets fed after midnight. It will start with extreme meowing followed by light bites then hit and run attacks

I took my laundry to the laundry lady because I don’t do laundry anymore since I look like a wrinkled prune when I do and I included a red towel that was new, and I am too cheap to have them separate whites and coloreds,well now all my clothes are pink especially my underwear. I am not feeling very masculine today.

I am moving tomorrow to Puerto Viejo beach town to buy a house near the black beach there (black sand not black people)and the woman I have been dating is very upset saying she loves me and wants me to stay and live with her forever here in Turrialba.

Lastly it is raining all day so far and I will not be able to see my buddy play soccer. Life is not always perfect in paradise.



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