My house is falling down . I will push it over.

> I have returned to Puerto Viejo the beautiful Caribbean beach town I spent a month at earlier. I am buying a house here near the beach in a quiet middle class neighborhood. It is going to cost me less than $12,000. The reason it is so cheap is it is a shack, well actually it as a shack that is now falling down and the kitchen sink has been stolen from it and anyway I am very happy to buy this shack. Why you say? Well the lot is worth more than $12,000 and I can build a new little house on the old foundation.I am thinking of making a bamboo house similar to the one pictured below. I always wanted to live in a bamboo house like Tarzan.

> I have my house in the country on the market with 2 realtors and when it sells I am going to use the money to buy mountain top property that Bill my buddy owns and which I fell in love with earlier. It is going to be lakefront in a year or so when the nearby damn floods .I intend to subdivide the land and will sell two lots and keep one for me with a fantastic lakefront mountaintop view.I will later build a cabin on it.

> So now I am a contractor. I am living at a hostel/hotel run by really nice vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists. I have a private room .The man is my age and has built many houses so I have decided to use him for most of the work as he is honest and reliable.I have a dog being reserved for me by the guy who is selling me the house. He is a cool guy originally from Argentina , He has lots of tattoos and did a little bit of time in jail for having a guy in his van who had a large bag of pot.I asked him if he was molested in jail. He said no because since he is so big and has a skin head with lots of tattooes people were afraid of him but he said he is like a rabbit and indeed he is harmless. He likes to smoke a joint every morning with some other guys at the coffee shop I go to. I don’t know how they get anything done after smoking such a joint in the morning but they say it helps them work. Another guy is gonna show me how to free dive and catch lobsters here.

> I am trying to get in better shape.I rode my bike 18 miles today and it didnt even feel hot.The flat road along the beach is easy riding and some of the most gorgeous views you could ever imagine .I did get a rash in my crotch which is most annoying but I am using my pascalite clay powder for it. I am sort of looking for a woman.I want to follow the advice of an article I read that said to look for an older educated English speaking woman with no kids.The thing is I have a crush on a 20 year old with an infant who speaks no English but she sure smiles at me alot. I am signing up for more Spanish classes.

> Martin
> ps the picture of the beach with the table is 400 metres from my house.


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