I bought the property near the beach with a bag of cash.

Yesterday I went to the lawyers and bought the property near the beach in what looks like the garden of Eden..I paid half and have 6 weeks to pay the other half. I brought a backpack full of cash.The Lawyer was curious as to what I did for a living. Turns out the lawyer almost bought the property before I did. The wife of my friend who owns the house is very outgoing and pleasant. She is happy that someone who loves the land is buying it. Instead of getting a title I will get a bill of sale and a plano. The paperwork was in Spanish. Am I being ripped off? hahaha of course not. You have to trust people in this world. I am going to build a 4 bedroom house. It will happen in stages . It will be 2 stories with 2 bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs and then a teeny apartment off the side of the house. Eventually if I want to turn it into a guesthouse then I will live in the teeny apt (or a caretaker lives there while I travel) and people rent the 3 rooms for $20 a night. I will offer free bicycles and free mangoes, bananas, and coconuts to guests. I will have a website and call it Tarzan’s place. I am looking to build the house in bamboo or a local native wood.I have not decided yet or I will use fibrelite sheets which are like hard waterproof drywall. but I really would love to make a bamboo house if it’s possible. I am looking for a Tarzan bathing suit and thinking about installing a vine that people can swing from the house to the road below on. I kid you not.I always wanted to live like Tarzan and by God I am gonna do it.

You can see pics of last nights sunset and pics of the lot with old foundation and garden beds I am preparing. I have a really good laborer for $20 a day that can do many things. I am also getting dates with women but that will be a separate post.



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