My penis has a brain

On the social scene I do not have a girlfriend here. My dates haven’t panned out (yet). The tourists are too young and the locals are happy here in paradise and don’t need boyfriends as bad as poor city girls. I have decided that the biggest problem is my penis has a brain. I am not sure exactly where in the penis the brain is located but I know it is there because thoughts come to my mind that are completely devoid of logic and reason and it’s always when I am in front of a hot looking woman. I mean an 18 year old hottie could say "Hi my name is Mona wanna get married?" and penis brain would force me to say "duh uh yes where is the preacher?"

The wrap up

I am going horseback riding with an attractive middle aged American woman but it is business to her since she wants to ride and I am a customer and she is a guide and I don’t sense a personality attraction on either of our parts.

I am still intending to teach English to a 21 year old who has a baby who is cute as a button but realistically I think she just wants to learn English. (Penis for brain?) It has rained every time I am supposed to meet her and she has to put her baby on the back of her bike and can’t come out in pouring rain..

Another woman I asked out and she said she was busy and gave me vibes that said no. (penis for brain)

Another beautiful American yoga teacher gave me her phone number after I got up alot of nerve and approached her and her sister and spent time with them at Lazy Mons the local hot spot When I called her the next day she said she had a boyfriend. (penis for brain caused me to be overconfident?)

I am meeting lots of young beautiful women from around the world however I am more like a father figure to them. For example last night I spent 40 mins with 2 drop dead gorgeous runway model type girls when they sat next to me in the best restaurant in town. One was 18 and the other 21 who is about to enter nursing school. She has a small child.(It is amazing how many women have small children here,many of them are teenagers.) It was alot of fun talking to them and amazingly they thought I was hilarious and laughed their asses off. An older American woman kept glaring at me,maybe she thought these were two ho’s that I was renting. Anyway I didn’t ask them for their phone numbers or anything just enjoyed their company. (I told penis for brain to go to hell)

Then the past two mornings I have had coffee with Lisa and Coleen two American women traveling together who are very smart and we talked politics and morality etc (see pic). Then their is Kata the beautiful actress from San Jose. (see picture) I have figured out that I fall in love with her every time I drink at her bar. By my fourth drink I am usually in love with whatever waitress or bartendress that is serving me and Kata is no exception . (Hey maybe penis brain is activated by alcohol, there is a theory) The other night I offered to pay for a professional photographer to make her a portfolio so she can enhance her acting career. I even sent a email to a photographer to do it but the next day I saw him and said "never mind I don’t now what got into me." At Lazy mons there is another 21 year old Italian bartender that is very thin but has a beautiful face and I am getting really good conversations and vibes from her but again drinking penis brain may be sending me command signals to ask her out. Now my new Spanish teacher is probably about 60 from Argentina and there is not alot of physical chemistry with her but I absolutely love her as she is totally genuine and has no filter just like my mother. She knows everyone and everyone likes her. We didn’t speak any Spanish just chatted and she said she wouldn’t charge me anything for that session. Next week I will pay her $8 an hr twice a week to teach me Spanish where she won’t talk English at all to me. So those are my interactions with women lately. Oh yeah this morning at another restaurant I met a very polite decent looking Costa Rican women who seemed to be flirting with me who is about 40 (This looks promising)

On a spiritual note I have decided that if I think I need something to be happy ie a hot babe ,crude sex,a girlfriend etc then I am deluding myself (probably through penis brain) because I am already happy just as I am so I am releasing expectation and accepting that a healthy relationship will manifest itself when the time is right.I know this isn’t what some of my whoremongering buddies want to hear but it is what it is.

ps On Xmas the police chief came up to Marvin the 78 year old homeless man and gave him 2 pineapples.Then Marvin insisted I have one so I accepted charity from a homeless man.(see pic) I then went to a pot luck party of mostly Americans who volunteer to help the local indigenous population called the BRIBRI who I will be serving food as a volunteer in a soup kitchen with.


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