Would you rather live in a jungle or a zoo?

One of my sisters once quoted someone as saying "Would you rather live in a jungle or a zoo?" She said she would prefer the jungle. What she was talking about is a choice between having your needs met by a nanny state which cares for you cradle to grave, but limits your freedoms in so many ways, or living a life with maximum freedom to do what you please to succeed or fail on your own merits with no help from government. The jungle is the natural way.The jungle is real.

Life has risks and if a group says they will eliminate those risks for you then you can rest assured there will be a high price to pay.
I am living now in Puerto Viejo which is a beach town on the Caribbean coast of Southern Costa Rica in the middle of the jungle. It is a literal jungle as well as lacking any real government.This place attracts tourists from all over the world because it has unsurpassed pristine beauty of nature with secluded beaches where you can walk and see no humans only lush jungle foilage that extends from the beach into the nearby mountains. I see monkeys in the trees and sloths clinging to branches and exotic birds of every sort. It is a surfers paradise. Fish and lobster can be had for the taking if you now how to catch them. I have moved to an apartment while I construct my house here and the landlord has a 4 acre complex with giant free range chickens that eat nothing but bugs and table scraps. In a zoo the chickens have 400 toxic chemicals added to them. Food falls off trees here all day long everyday and is super easy to grow year round.

People had no electricity in this place in the 70’s and went to bed early because it was dark. There is no hospital nearby. The police may not come when you call but there is also no need for heat or air conditioning or even shoes and fresh organic food is everywhere all around. My Spanish teacher says this place is organised chaos. It is like a frontier. You can live without doctors, hospitals, electricity, TV ,car,city water or any welfare and work for cash and not interact with govt at all. The govt provides practically nothing here. I much prefer no govt to big govt. People are happier here even though they may be poor by US standards.People are healthier in the jungle .There is a local indigenous medicine man who can cure cancer with plants.

In a zoo people are controlled and herded into small areas and regulated and monitored and given harmful chemicals in their food and pills that kill their bodies and they must work hard to pay for big expensive houses and taxes that eat up almost half of their earnings while following lots of silly rules.

I am not saying there are no problems here. The trash collection sucks and the culture tolerates trash in the streets . There are some thieves and prices for restaurant food and imported items are fairly expensive but if you want to you just live a peaceful life in harmony with nature you can do it and have the freedom to start a business with little red tape or build a house without a permit (but you might have to bribe someone later) or smoke pot in the street.

Here the government is broke, it just doesn’t work well and so there are very few rules enforced but in the zoo we call the industrialised world, government is bloated and oppressive, draining and suffocating it’s people while giving them the illusion of freedom and security.For me I prefer the jungle to the zoo.

Below are pics of my "expensive" apartment a block from the beach in town for $450 a month with cable wifi all util included.

2 thoughts on “Would you rather live in a jungle or a zoo?

  1. Hi Martin, looks like things are going ok for you. I’m curious about the residency there. I just read an article that said Costa is going to crack down on perpetual tourism after March. What’s your take on this?. I’m still looking into moving to south America, but I still have about 3 years before u can draw my pension. I’m considering Costa Rica and Panama as my primary targets.

    • Well it is a legitimate concern Johnny although I am not sure either way how it will play out. apparently some costa ricans want to limiit the non ressident perpetual tourist so they are in some case renewing visas for a shorter period of time then 90 days causing it to be very difficult to live here as a perpetual tourist.You can send you passport thru a guy who gets it stamped for 90 days for a fee which is totally illegal but done frequently. In a worst case scenario I think there may be a neccesity to stay out of costa rica longer like maybe 6 months of the year but presently and I think probably in the future this will not materialise because it will be bad for business for them

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