Surf’s up .

> Surf’s up.
> >
> > Today I watched a national surfing championship tournament. The Caribbean beach town of Puerto Viejo is a surfers paradise and people come from all over to surf here.The main beach in nearby Cocles was filled with people watching the young men and women dance gracefully on the waves. On the way to the beach I kept think what a young man told me earlier when he said "You may be struck at any moment" meaning hit from behind by a car.For some reason that line seems so funny to me now as I daily take the chance of going to San Jose on a backboard with my neck stabilised after being hit by a car.

> The weather was gorgeous ,sunny and in the 80’s, as it is most days and the jade colored Caribbean water was warm and inviting . There were hot dogs served with lots of mustard and girls in thong bikinis. I did not photograph them because I did not want to appear to be perverted.The water can be dangerous, not long ago a boy drowned from the riptide.

> > The place where I play poker had a flat (barge like) party boat permanently anchored 50 yards out and it came loose and fell apart mostly and drifted near the public beach in a recent storm.
> > Yesterday I met an organic cacao farmer woman at the local weekly farmers market who taught me some things about cacao which is where chocolate comes from and is perhaps the most nutrient rich food in the world.(see pic) I also same across a black crack whore who wanted eggs from me which I just so happened to have so I insisted she give me two of her red bananas. I need to practice my bartering skills. I am beginning to learn survival skills down here and starting to stock up on food, Soon construction will start on my house once I have town water hooked up or I may just collect rainwater. I want to make a garden and practice fishing when the water is calmer. (fishing from shore is better during the months when the sea is calm.)

> I am taking Spanish lessons from an older very dramatic Argentinian women who people sometimes call a witch. She tells them yes she is a witch but a white witch. She is not afraid to confront anyone. She makes me laugh. Her and I are rebels. I am also taking Russian martial arts once a week called Systema which is by far the best form of fighting imo. If someone tries to hit me with a stick not only am I going to take the stick from them Im gonna play wackamole on their head with it.

> I feel like I am on a permanent vacation. Last week I spent two evenings with a woman teacher from Canada, a tourist passing through. I still don’t have a girlfriend but I am getting pickier because I want to travel so I don’t want someone who has a kid and they have to speak some English.This is a rare combination really. Soon I will go to Panama to renew my passport. When I haven’t done laundry I just wear my bathing suit.

> Martin


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