I found a spiritual community

> This is my spiritual community now. This is their website
> http://www.elpuente-thebridge.org/
> I heard about Barry and Nancy from one of my poker playing buddies and how they run a soup kitchen for the indigenous Bribri tribe people so I decided to volunteer one day.Now after many times I have become part of a spiritual community.The volunteers almost all seem to be into the same stuff I am into namely" new thought", course in miracles, science of mind etc. We have all read many of the same books and share a philosophy of oneness. In addition to doing the soup kitchen this organization puts over 140 school kids into school by purchasing the required uniforms,books and school supplies because the govt does not provide these things .There are regular pot luck get togethers also where the volunteers have happy get togethers and I feel right at home with these purposely unconditionally loving souls .Barry has turned me on to the local Bribri medicine man who Barry says has cured at least 30 people of Cancer Luekemia,and other diseases as well as Barry’s severely infected leg that the clinic doctor said would have to be amputated after he stepped on a nail but the medicine man fixed him up. I now want to meet this man and see if I can in some way help him in his goal of uniting all the native medicine people of the Americas to preserve their knowledge before it is too late and before Big Pharma suppresses it totally. Millions of lives are at stake. On Saturday myself and a woman I just met have hired a native to guide us through a 4 hour jungle walk which I am excited about. Sunday I go to Panama for three days to renew my Visa and then I will make an appointment with the Bribri medicine man. I also want to travel deep into the nearby mountains to visit the bribri village up there.I am fascinated with these simple natural people who have been here for more than 5000 years and are not helped at all by the government as far as I can see.

> —
> Martin


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