I had a very exciting trip to Bocas Panama discussing a floating home community.

> I have just returned from 3 days in Bocas Panama, a series of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama near the Costa Rican border. By coincidence(?) I met and spent time with an awakening American investor who is a natural prepper and we are discussing making a community here in Bocas .

I am very excited to be considering buying or building a float home (a home on a flat boat) as there are no waves in many places in the Bocas island chain and my new friend is probably going to trade a float home in Canada for some shoreline lots on a nearby island. I will keep my house In Puerto Viejo and can go back and forth spending time at each location

> I know other places to moor a float home for little or no money if that deal doesn’t work out. I think this is going to be the best investment of all. I want to sell my mountain house near the volcano and build a float home here. We can create a prepper community that can relocate if need be and needs no permits etc to exist as a regular house. Bocas is the place to be if you like the water, fishing or surfing or sailing etc, Certainly a float home can be built for under 30k. We would be looking to get others to join our community. Plenty of fish to catch year round here and shrimp also. Tons of free coconuts on the island as well. Nice weather year round, no hurricanes ever, NO WAVES and on the opposite side of the islands to get hit by a tsunami. Low cost of living, considerably lower than Costa Rica and a generally friendly govt,lots of modern amenities available and easy to startat a business here and even work. For me it would be an investment and a another place I could call home and retreat to when the inevitable SHTF. I am going to be researching this more.

In other developments by coincidence (synchronicity?) I met the son and grand daughter of the local medicine woman in Bocas and learned some plant medicine from the son. I also hooked up with my poker playing buddies including a woman who works for floating doctors who has since been promoted and offered me a job with them as a nurse. It would include a place to stay and some food and I imagine if I got sick I would be well taken care of.They are also pretty self sufficient on a sail boat with lots of medical people and supplies and I could visit the indigenous tribes and help them.

I got third in the poker tournament and won $20.The only negative thing that happened was that I was sick with a slight fever the first day and a half,sweating under the covers in my ac cooled room but no gi symptoms.Then a 12 year old boy whipped me with a whip as I rode my rental bike thru the ghetto areas. He smiled as he ran alongside my bike before he did it and I thought I gave him the proper menacing stare but it had no effect as he then he whipped my leg with his little whip. His brother or friend had a bigger whip and a large kitchen knife in his other hand. Many neighbors were watching from their porches.I declined to confront the brat because it didn’t hurt much and the risk reward ratio made it not worth it.

When returning to Costa Rica I needed a 90 day visa extension,lately,some people have been getting only 30 days or less which is a pretty big problem. You can bribe people ahead of time for about $100 to take care of this but I thought I would just take a chance because I don’t like the idea of paying bribes. I acquired a luggage carrier who was fishing for a tip who took my heavy bag across the bridge of death, at the border where small children could easily fall into the river below from gaping gaps between planks.I told him my problem and when we got to the Costa Rican side he directed me to the front and called me into the customs official and said some words in Spanish as he knows all the customs people and I told the guy I needed 90 days to build a house and he gave it to me. I tipped the lil guy an extra $5 because he may have been responsible for my success. I also bought two Japanes Sankey tablets in Bocas for $199 each that sell for $400 or more in Costa Rica. All in all a very profitable trip to Bocas. Now back to supervising construction of my house in Puerto Viejo.

Gringo Martin

in the pics you can see a construction site where instead of using a crane they have pulleys and use leverage to haul large iron beams up. Many of the hotels are right on the water.


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