Life is busy in paradise (the text)

For some reason only the photos posted when I posted this blog earlier so here are the words that go with it…


Life for me is busy  in this paradise. I am creating the life I always dreamed about right here in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica. It is what freedom looks like to me. If I had to be permanently exiled to a single square mile on earth I can’t think of a better place than here. Balancing physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual growth is keeping me very active.  I joined the only local gym. A 66 year old  American friend encouraged me to join for $20 a month and he and the owner of the gym, work out with me 3 times a week and it is a hard workout pushing muscles to exhaustion for an hour.(see video) I would pay $35 an hour for personal coaches like this in the states but they just like having someone new to work out with. These guys are very strong but they weigh over 240 lbs. I am pee wee herman but my muscles are coming back. I met a Natural doctor at the gym who earlier convinced me to start eating Cacao beans (what chocolate comes from) who also knows an incredible amount of info and is encouraging me to go raw vegan but I am resisting because I like my cancer causing meat and alcohol but I will cut back on harmful foods I promise. >  >    I also  take Systema ,an awesome Russian martial art once a week from a 42 year old American buddy. It inspired me to create the “stick of death” which looks like an ordinary walking stick but is really a pair of Bruce Lee fighting sticks stuck together (see pics). The truth is it is not very dangerous in this town but I know two people that have been bitten by dogs lately. I have been charged by three dogs in a pack near my apartment a few times and no dog will run head first into the point of a stick, so it is useful for repelling them. Speaking of dogs I really want one and have decided to get one because I know a neighbor and another young woman who will care for my dog when I travel. I am considering this stafford puppy (see pics and yes it is a chick magnet). Socially I am meeting tons of people here ,quite a few young women tourists. A beautiful Japanese American woman had dinner with me two nights ago,see pics. I intend to get in to a long term relationship but I am no longer in a hurry about it as that only creates weird dependency. I am fine being single except it would be nice to snuggle all night long and of course do the nasty thing called sex. 🙂 >    Spiritually I volunteer at the  Bridge a place that runs the  BriBri soup kitchen and  provides school uniforms to the kids of poor parents that can not afford them. I also intend to meet the Bribi medicine man who cures cancer with leaves and see if I can help him in some way. On Saturday I have hired a BRIBRi indigenous young man to take me deep into the jungle for 4 hours hoping to locate lots of secret edible plant locations. >  >    My house is literally coming up now .I am very excited about this.There have been a few setbacks like when the government placed crime scene tape around the site and ordered construction to halt. Something about I need permission to build my own house on my own property. “Oh shit” I said to my nervous Nicaraguan builder this is gonna cost some money and to make a long story short there were some “fees” involved  and we were back in business and I am  in the  “process” of getting my permit.  I am still not sure how I will be getting water because I don’t want to pay thousands that the municipality wants to be hooked up so I will be digging a well for about $700 and collecting rainwater. All in all the 500 sq ft cinderblock house will end up costing me UNDER $15,000 which is really quite freeking amazingly cheap. The land was $12,000. I will later turn my bodega “shed” into two rooms to rent with a shared bathroom and then add a 2nd floor so I will have 4 bedrooms to easily rent for $20 a night and live happily ever after. >     I play triva with young people every Thursday evening which is a blast as the women are as fine as fine can be but quite young and too young for me (or not?)and there is poker every night now as a friend has opened a poker room in a private house. I go horseback riding on the beach.Yesterday it was going fine but all of a sudden my horse crumpled to its knees (I thought it broke a leg) and then it rolled over forcing me to hop like a rabbit and  jump off and out of the way to avoid being crushed to death.Friole the horse did a bunch of gyrations on its back in the sand with the saddle on, then got back up on its feet before I could take a picture.The Spanish guide said a word that sounded like ITCH. >    I walk on the beach and bathe in the ocean sometimes.I take long bike rides and where I live has started offering dancercise classes twice a week so I boogey to oldies sometimes.I surf the internet daily which keeps me intellectually stimulated and when I get bored I rent a  movie and watch it on my windows laptop. >  Alicia my Spanish teacher is a riot, making me laugh with her imitations of people saying stupid things.She is kind of like my mother. I am not progressing very fast but I can actually speak Tarzan like sentences now and people understand me usually.The problem is I don’t understand what they are saying but I catch a few words. For money I am currently not daytrading bitcoin as it is not moving  quickly enough so instead I lend money to bitcoin margin traders which is not as profitable but almost no risk. I am now putting myself on a budget. Once my house is done and I move in I can if I want to live on $600 a month here in paradise but that would mean not eating in restaurants so realistically I will probably spend at least twice that much.Still beats the states by a longshot. I am never cold here but don’t need AC either. You can live without electricity here. 40 years ago people had no electricity and no money either but they shared their food from their gardens which everyone grew and land was free just, you just put a fence around some and claim it as your own. We are really in the jungle here,come on down and I’ll show you a good time. >  > Martin


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