Hiking through the jungle and mountains nearby

Yesterday I finally got a guided tour through the jungle. The bribri guy that I was supposed to go with earlier stood me up and is not gonna get any business from me.I heard that another local guy, Franklin could take me and arranged to have him take me on a 3-4 hour experience. The weather was gorgeous sunny and low 80’s and the lush green foliage was unsurpassed. A blue morph butterfly danced by us as we started our trek. As a prepper I am dying to convince myself that I can truly live off the land here, no fat old gringo bullshit but actually doing what people do in the area I would be doing it in, if the shit hits the fan and so I ended up walking for hours up and down mountains. The down part and the flat part following the river was beautiful and mostly in shade. Walking up mountains in the sun was a challenge to keep up with these two teenagers who grew up walking these paths. I learned quite a number of things such as a fruit tree I knew nothing of yields a string bean like pod full of seeds with white sugary gel surrounding them, most delicious. We came across ant hills as big as chairs (see pics). I could hear howler monkeys making a God awful noise that for a long time I had no idea what that extremely loud noise was .For eeks I thought it might be a giant well being sucked dry and even thought it could be aliens like predator or something . They must all howl at once together to make such a sound.

I have a huge respect for the trees now and regret even thinking of wanting to make my house out of wood that someone cut from the public forest. We came across a giant tree and when I got to the base of it I saw that humans had cut it down (I spose to come back later and harvest the wood from it) This saddened me because these trees are immense and hundreds of years old.They are national treasures. I found out that you can not own land back in the jungle and if you build a rich house the govt will come and tear it down but if you build a poor mans cabin no one will bother you.The teenage guide and his buddy took me to their secret fort that teenage boys built and I must say it’s a fine place to live with water nearby on top of a defendable hill with plantain and banana trees planted around.When we got there I noticed that large spiders that don’t look like harmless banana spiders to me but my reaction was not to kill them. Franklin explained that their large webs keep mosquitos away and also strangers that might wander onto the fort would likely not want to stay with the spiders around.If you sleep in the hammocks you have nothing to worry about with those spiders. Franklin pointed to a chicken he said was his and this chicken eats only natural foraged food,no one gives it anything and still it is big.

I saw a cousins house that remains empty almost all the time. Basically I can live in empty houses in the jungle anytime I want.Franklin has made a spear gun from the metal from an old tv antennae and some rubber.He says you can get big shrimp in the river at night.He made a cup to drink from leaves and showed me a plant which has big leaves used to wrap food with.He showed me how to cut a banana tree so it will grow back

> We went to the river which is filled with small fish that could easily be caught with a net.I saw lemons and many wild banana’s and plantain and almond trees and learned of plants to make tea for sore throat and we saw many poisoinous red frogs.Franklin said a crocodile ate a dog in a few bites when he was a kid one day in the jungle. There are animals similar to raccoons in the jungle that people sometimes hunt with guns slingshots and dogs. I saw no snakes and neither guy had ever been bit by snakes.They wear swim suits and flip flops, and one has a machete.They like to smoke ganga.I tell them that’s fine with me.These guys know all the indigenous who actually live in the jungle fulltime.They went to school with the kids of the 6 families.I am told that there is an even higher mountain I can go to one day where I can see for so many miles in every direction.That will be my next excursion.

> —
> Martin
ps you can see an indian washing machine by the river and the last pic shows a spider if you look close


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