I just got my yearly physical from a BriBri medicine man in a jungle hut.

I rode my bike to the local indigenous town of BriBri today with a friend and we were examined by the local medicine man who is famous and has cured cancer and Lukemia and saved my friend Barry’s leg from being amputated by western doctors as well as over 30 other incurable people. I didn’t have anything wrong with me but I wanted to talk to him so I paid him $30 for a physical exam. It was magical. This is my health insurance plan instead of Obamacare.

I should mention that I felt spiritually led to offer my services to help this man in any way after I saw a documentary on youtube about him and leaned of his goal to unite the medicine men of the America’s in their knowledge before it is lost. As fate would have it I met Marsha who is a professional Gardener and she was one of a few people to have volunteered to work in the Corandero’s garden. She also wanted to go visit him again so I went with her.

When we arrived I was fascinated at the beauty of the property and amazed by the hut that was the examination office. I was extremely impressed with the hut. I felt like I was back in 3rd grade visiting the smithsonian museum Indian display except this was freeking REAL. It reminded me of my Ayuahuasca experience with the Peruvian shaman in the mountains of Cartago.

We met Don and his son Enrica and immediately a group of tourists arrived who were their the day before.They were quite excited because the woman he examined ,as soon as he touched her he knew she was of Indian descent. She does not look Indian at all,(see pic) This psychic impression being so accurate shocked the group as well as a picture they took

Then they showed us a picture taken from their iphone of Don and you can see a halo around his body (I saw this clear as day and it was NOT photo shopped as it was still on her iphone)
They soon left after he made a very friendly speech proclaiming friendship for all and then Don examined me.
He pushed against many points in my left foot and leg and only two caused me pain.He declared I had some lower back problems which is interesting because that is where I have been injured many times. He then asked me how old I was and I told him I was 58 . He said I was as healthy as a 25 year old. I thought …"your my new doctor your hired."

I then asked about perhaps helping them in their quest. I was hoping they could record their knowledge in a book. His son patiently explained in a very kind way that the Bribri can not share their medicine with the white man. Only SOME BriBri from a certain clan called the tutuludo clan can be medicine people and only then if they are called to it. The white man ( Conquistador Christians) slaughtered their people and killed off the educated medicine men of the BriBri tribe until half of all their knowledge has been lost due to the horrible murdering acts of the white man. Therefore they do not give out their sacred knowledge but rather they administer to sick people. Also they have no written language,their writing is pictures (see photo of picture on wood). Enrica also explained that the most potent plants come from high in the Talamanca mountains far from the shorelines and every patient is treated differently according to the diagnosis made by the individual medicine man and that depended on a number of factors that can not be put in a formula..My friend Marsha was diagnosed and treated for a stomach problem and given a slimey liquid to take and she had no further stomach complaints.Thus ended this magical journey.Enjoy the pictures.

ps the next to last pic showed the woman that is of Indian descent

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