I am learning to live off the land.

As my house which is costing a few grand more than I thought due to cost over runs but will still be less then $15,000 to build, at approx $28 a sq ft.,nears completion and I move in, I am intending on having a few goals related to becoming self reliant. I have spent almost a year having fun in Costa Rica but feel it is time to get serious and accomplish some of my long term goals. As you may know I am a prepper (survivalist) and analysing world events I am seeing much more dangerous trends emerging like war dangers and geoengineering (man made droughts etc) so for my goals I want to be able to live indefinitely without electricity or even fresh water and for that matter I don’t want to have to need money.I see it as totally doable here. For example one place I get my organic chicken from ($12 yes it’s expensive but superdelicious) also has a 120 acre farm and allows you to volunteer in exchange for produce.This means you can trade labor for food.I also want to be able to trade something that I produce so I am planning on growing Katuk plants because their leaves are 50% protein and I can just rip off a branch and stick it in the ground and it grows endlessly year round. In addition I intend to learn more about foraging for food in the nearby jungle and there are hundreds of square mile of indigenous reserve jungle right behind me. For example hearts of palm can provide carbs in a crunch. I have a date to go fishing with a friend and have consigned homeless Marvin to sew me a fishing net which he is mostly finished with. He has also made me bow and arrows,slingshots and even a slingshot bow.I am continuing my serious weight training and martial arts instruction. I am researching how to get by without much fresh water because even tho I am in the rain forest we are getting about half the normal rain . This is a huge problem as I see woman carrying 5 gal buckets of water around as none flows to their house.I am probably going to have to dig the deepest well around to insure I have endless water. I have signed up for an organic farming 3 day seminar and always attend the Sat morning farmers market which is also a social mixing bowl and way to network. Next week there is going to be a meeting on how to grow food,sell it,barter etc. As one of my current landlady’s said if you can’t make it here you can’t make it anywhere. I intend on making it here.Now that I never have to pay a mortgage or rent ever again my only absolutely necessary expenses will be a small elec bill of under $50 , a $26 internet bill and maybe $5 a month local phone. My healthcare is a bribri medicine man who is a pay as you go provider. The only other expenses are food and entertainment and in a pinch I can probably provide most of my food and entertainment without much money.Restaraunts are expensive here as it is a tourist town and you might pay $10 for shrimp and rice or a large bowl of seafood soup with rice but if you stay at home and make seafood soup you can eat for $2 a bowl. My advice to anyone thinking of coming here is sell your assets get at least 30k together and come down and buy or build a house ,learn to be self sufficient and rent out rooms if you need an income. Well I am going on a blind date tonight so that should be interesting.

The pics are of the farmers market,my new dog MAX and me, a flyer for the upcoming meeting,my house 2 weeks ago,some home made chicken soup and an organic chicken and a Katuk plant from an American neighbor who owns a 45 acre farm.


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