Becoming self sustaining here in the rainforest. Off grid,no need for money,that is the goal.

A few days ago I attended a meeting  of English speaking small organic farmers in Puerto Viejo. The organizer is proposing exactly the things I have been thinking about, namely community gardens,sharecropping, and bartering or even sharing groups with the focus on the whole town becoming food INDEPENDENT.Soon I will be able to produce what I love to produce ie sunflower greens and exchange them for potatoes,onions,tomatoes,chicken etc. This area grows more kinds of fruits and veggies then perhaps any place on earth.I also got with a farmer who created a solar system for $2500 which includes a large freezer with a special regulator that uses little electricity and he can run lights and laptop with it as well.The solar system coupled with my rain water collection can take me completely off all utilities so theoretically I could literally have NO BILLS and need NO MONEY to survive (except property taxes of $250 a year) now that’s pretty cool. We will be meeting regularly. All these farmers are young and vibrant btw and are pioneers here paving the way for future sustainable communities. The next 3 days I am attending a seminar on how to grow food organically. Now if the Govt,UN agenda 21 folks,Monsanto,WTO etc would just leave us alone and NOT outlaw seeds and small gardens we will live well.





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