Moved in house

I have officially moved in the house that I had built here 400 meters from the black sand beach. It’s been a little stressful at the end here because the hill we sliced into to create the foundation, decided that it was time to start sliding down.I should have dealt with it earlier but there has been a drought and I was focused on getting a place to live and I was naïve.This also coincided with a lot of rain.I estimate that each inch of rain recently has cost me $100. I consulted my buddy Eric who is an engineer and is a regular patron of Lazy Mon’s, which the best place to watch the sunset over the Caribbean while listening to live music as pot smoke drifts through the establishment. Eric assured me that my earthbag plan would stop the landslide and I can se that it will.It is back breaking work to stop a hill from collapsing but the alternative is really bad.
My dog Max (a lil upstart black male lab puppy) bites me in play whenever he gets excited and he wants to hang out in my bed.I am currently restraining him many times a day like a psych patient, and he is learning.I assert alpha male dominance without smacking him which causes him to actually become more agressive in his case.

I love the house I just had built. It is an industrial house made of cinderblocks and concrete.I have put the most basic (and cheap) appliances as I only care about functioning. I still need to install ceramic tile over the concrete, and paint and put in a fence and landscaping but you know what? I don’t have to pay rent ever again!!! Yeah now that’s what I’m talking about.Aside from my hill sliding down my used refrigerator that costs $200 instead of $700 for a new one , gives electrical shocks when touched in certain ways. This alarmed me well as caused fear for my dogs potentially short life,as some water has spread from my $240 used leaking washing machine and my supercondensing refrigerator,(which froze my beers btw)
This gave the perfect storm for an involuntary electrocution as I stood in bare feet on a water covered floor, with a frig that shocks.
Mostly I am amazed by the quiet since for the first time in my life my nearest neighbor is 70 yards or more away. However it is not so quiet because here in the rainforest nature makes constant sounds. If it’s not the birds and the screaming howler monkeys, it’s the frogs that make a regular throaty noise. I have no insect protection (altho eventually I will get every opening screened). With a ceiling fan on, I getzero bug bites ,no bug problems at all and that is without any screening.Yeah there are some weird bugs on the floor here and there but you will have that. Today a hummingbird flew thru my house.There is a constant breeze coming from the mountain behind me and the sea in front of me plus the house is in shade until well in the afternoon every day so it is a very COOL house. I am creating 6 small garden beds to grow Katuk which produces leaves year round that can just plain be munched on and eaten raw or cooked.
I think I am going to become a Real Estate developer also.I say that because it is a no brainer to build a house here and either rent to or sell it to make very good money. By very god money I mean well over 36% a year right here right now. So if you take 30k you can in 6 months to a year, turn it into 40k, then you can live well here. cleardot.gif


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