I was assaulted by a large Rasta man today in Bocas Panama.

I was in Bocas Panama the past 3 days.It is a bunch of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama near the Costa Rican frontier also called border.My rental bike was stolen the first night as I had chained it to the front of the hotel on a pole,so I told the 50 something rasta man who rented it to me for $6, with no credit card or id or contract to sign. He was clearly pissed and wanted money for the bike so I said no I think we should call the police. He said go get the police.I went and filed a report and the police said don’t worry about it and he could take it up with them if he liked. I avoided him the rest of the day.This morning I saw him on my way to get coffee and I said I was sorry about the bike and that I filed a police report.He said your not gonna pay me for the bike- and I said no I didn’t do anything wrong.Now I know I should of seen it coming but he sucker kicked me.He planted his foot into my chest making a footprint on my heart.I hopped back as a rabbit would and absorbed the blow.He kicked like a school yard girl,maybe he wasn’t trying that hard. He then quickly scurried away back to his bicycles.I will admit I felt a lil fear because I was not expecting him to attack me and I would say he is 6 ft 2 and 200 lbs but I know he smokes .Anyway I decided a street fight with this guy was not worth it unless I had to defend myself from serious bodily injury so I went straight to the police and told them in Tarzan Spanish what happened. I became brave at the police station and made gestures explaining that I think I could have kicked Rasta mans ass but I didnt want to go to jail.The two cops on duty thought this was funny. A higher ranking officer came but he didn’t speak English either.They put me in the back of the paddy wagon and off we were to find rasta man. He was hiding at home and they put him in the open wagon with me and one officer and we went to the station whereupon rasta man talked shit about me rapidly in Spanish.I said what did he say.The cop asked me to explain to an English speaking cop who finally came and I did and I pulled a Sherlock Holmes and pointed to the footprint on my chest and said look what he did this is a shoe store while pointing to my chest because I didn’t know how to say footprint in Spanish but they got the message.They said what do you want to do.I said nothing I just wanted you to talk to him. And so it ended as I had to catch a water taxi in less then an hour. When I got to the Costa Rica side of the river the customs agent only gave me 8 days instead of 90 in renewing my visa.This is going to create problems but I have some solutions.
Some other negative things have happened such as a fer de lance poisionous snake crawled into my house because I only have a metal bar door right now and he snuggled up to my brain dead puppy who treated him as a guest. I swept him out with a broom and the next day my worker said it almost bit him and he killed it ,saying angrily that I should have killed it the night before because I did sweep it towards my big Bodega shed where he slept.OOOPSIE
Another rasta man , a neighbor, got mad at me because I wouldn’t pay him $200 up front for a wifi signal that he supposedly would get for me, so he cut off my water.I was temporarily hooked up to his water. Now I have to install a rainwater collection system.Having no water is gross.I am hauling buckets from my nice neighbors house but it helps me practice my survivalism. Well I hope my luck is about to change.I did win a poker tournament last night in Bocas on a floating resataurant with a gorgeous view and cool breezes blowing from the pristine water.I also had lunch with a very pretty 20 year old girl from Sweden who is traveling alone through Guatemala,Nicaragua etc. I am going to focus on positive things now.


5 thoughts on “I was assaulted by a large Rasta man today in Bocas Panama.

  1. It sounds like you handled the situation with the rasta man very well. Take care of yourself.

    All the best ~ Elia

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