11 June, 2014 20:59

LIfe is good here. I am having a lot of fun…wish you were here… click this link
for tons of pictures of what I consider the most beautiful place I have ever seen.
Physically you can turn back the hands of time here in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica as life is much less stressful and people tend to live healthy lifestyles meditating,doing yoga,organic farming etc.while breathing outdoor air.
I work out hard with weights 3 x a week, do martial arts on Thursdays and Salsa dancing Sunday eves which is a workout for sure. I ride many miles a day on my bike and walk a lot as well, to the black sand beach near my house at dawn and dusk to throw a stick for Max to fetch. Max, my black lab puppy is a naughty rebel dog but a good guard and has a heart of gold. After restraining him over 200 times and him eating some shoes ,soap,cellphone chargers etc, I have decided to keep him.
Emotionally I am more relaxed as a result of having less stress,not having to work at a hellhole and less aholes to deal with.
Socially I am doing more things, making many friends and interacting with more beautiful women that I was in the states. The other day for example one of the most beautiful black girls in the town, a 32 year old who gives massages on the beach and was the parade queen in Limon, invited myself and my friend John to dinner. This was after I danced with her at length on Sun eve.She wanted to have company for her mom and aunt who were visiting but still I just like being around beautiful young women. A few days before I danced for a long time with a 30 something Italian girl who invited me to 6am chanting and meditating.I play triva on Thursdays and can play poker or go to different community meetings throughout the week. I get a free cooking lesson every Saturday from Helena, my former landlord who is a damn good cook.
Intellectually I have the internet unlimited for $26 a month via a usb stick and can rent movies for $2 to watch as well as having discussions at Barry and Nancy’s on Weds eves.They run the nearby soup kitchen.
Financially my bills are $22 for elec, water is free as it is rain that I collect and a mountain spring connection.Prepaid phone is about 5 or ten bucks a month. Heat and AC costs are zero as I use a fan and its never cold.Transportation is $5 a month for bike repairs.I cross the border every 90 days which costs a few hundred.Other than that I only need to spend money on food.In reality I eat out a lot and drink beer and wine but I could reduce that if I wanted to. My martial arts teacher lives on $25 a week,ten of which is from me. I make money lending money to bitcoin traders online and just waiting for my bitcoins to go up a lot more.I am going to start selling my sunflower greens and build 2 more rooms to rent on my property.
For prepping for the shit hitting the fan, I am storing rice and seeds and growing many trays of sunflower microgreens which I can trade for other food.I have banana, plantain and yucca trees growing in my yard and coconuts 10 ft away.I just planted a Moringa tree ,sunflowers and beans and am getting Katuk plants in a few days so I will have more than enough food. This place is magical,yesterday I learned the sound that Toucans make when they sing and could hear them in the trees.I walk in warm rain here.There is a hill by the beach that has the most fantastic view I have ever seen . This is the end of the road here,literally a few miles away the road ends and it’s hundreds of miles of jungle to Panama. They have not developed this place yet, thank God,no hi rises or Mcdonalds cardiac burgers to buy.People from every corner of the globe live here in harmony with themselves and nature.You can come here and enjoy a simpler healthier life. Why don’t you consider it. Now look at the pictures…


4 thoughts on “11 June, 2014 20:59

  1. Hi Martin

    I’m so happy things are working out well for you in Costa Rica. It looks and sounds like a wonderful place. You had a vision, and you went for it. That’s very inspiring.

    Are there any restrictions on the amount of time you can remain there? Can you become a permanent resident?

    All the best to you ~ Elia

  2. Hi Elia it’s complicated but basically one can stay in Costa Rica indefinitely by crossing a border every 90 days.There are a few ways to become a resident,you can become a pensioner when you get soc sec and do it that way.

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