The entire country is celebrating world cup advance..

All of Costa Rica is celebrating their recent world cup victories.The happiest people in the world according to surveys, just got happier. The town of Peurto Viejo is filled with pride and joy.. It’s really amazing how important this sport is to this country.. Everything stops when a soccer game comes on.Big stores are forcing their employees to wear jerseys.All the vehicles have flags on them and honk and screaming passengers stick their bodies out the windows. Sun night I was on stage dancing taking salsa lessons and we were all screaming at the end ….Costa Rica… and the stage was swarmed with jubilant people spontaneously exploding in glee. I feel that I am Costa Rican now.I found myself really wanting the team to win just so these people can be happy. This sport puts them on the map and elevates them from an impoverished third world nation to champions. Last night a guy said he almost wiped out his motorcycle in a puddle of beer in the street. Who knows maybe Costa Rica will meet the USA in the finals.I am not sure who I would root for in that case. I am feeling more like a Tico every day. I’m even getting browner.

Below are pics and the woman is my dance instructor Tita exploding in joy.


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