I have left Costa Rica, crossing the border at Nicaragua on a month long adventure.

I am traveling throughout Central America to Nicaragua,Honduras,El Salvador and Guatemala and then back to Puerto Viejo Costa Rica. A friend from Sarasota who moved to Puerto Viejo is with me. It was raining maybe 20 inches in the last week in the rain forest even so much so that the road was closed to San Jose but when our bus arrived at the spot, the water wasn’t that deep so we made it through.We stayed overnight in San Jose in a very nice house that had carpeting,hot water,cable tv,wifi and all modern conveniences for $25 a piece.To get to Nicaragua we took a Nica bus which had a bathroom and movies and AC. When we got to the border everyone was watching the final world cup soccer game. When the guy swiped my passport it kept beeping 3 or 4 times in a row, rejecting me, but he made a face and stamped it anyway. I believe I have been rebooted.The scenery was very beautiful. Nicaragua is drier then the rain forest and cooler and less humid.We made it to San Juan Del Sur on the Pacific, a charming town full of surfers. I noticed there are more young men here about equal proportion to women tourists.The town seems safe.I feel safer here then in San Jose at night. I had a fantastic lobster dinner for $12 last night.This morning I had breakfast with a young ICU nurse from Raleigh NC who is traveling alone and I hope to have dinner with her tonight as well. The women here, the locals, are not as pretty as Costa Rican women in my opinion but they are less shy and more friendly. John and I are sharing a small apartment for $14 each per night.Things costs less here. A huge flock of parrots are making a racket outside right now but I kind of like them. A friend is watching my dog ,staying at my house. That is the only thing I have worried about lately. Tomorrow we go to Motepe,an island in the middle of a very large lake with 2 large volcanoes on it. Life is good.


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