Medical emergency and friendly women on Volcano island in Nicaragua.

We are on the largest freshwater island in the world called Motepe in the middle of a giant lake with its own special ecosystem. It is exquisitely beautiful,not a tropical rainforest like where I came from but much drier with vegetation that reminds me of Virginia in the spring.Im traveling with John who is 70.When we arrived yesterday by ferry. He had mentioned having one mosquito bite,then he quickly became feverish and had severe teeth chattering chils.I said John your new name IS SICKIE and you look like a damn refugee, see pic. I suggested he could cross the US border claiming he felt persecuted and get refugee status.That way he could get free obamacare. But seriously I became a nurse again giving him ice water, OJ, chicken soup, thieves oil to kill germs, lavender oil on feet ,as well as Tylenol.This morning we noticed his lower left leg was red and very hot. We decided to go to the local doctor.I was the translator.We took a motorcycle that was converted into a car.The doctor diagnosed cellulitis and prescribed antibiotics Tylenol ,some oral drops called p4 and some gel and thinks he should be ok by Friday.The total charge was under $16 and that included all the medicines which she handed us. If John has to go to the Sandinista hospital here it will be free. Meanwhile we have a very long way to go.I spoke with a man from Sweden last night he says the way ahead is through a no mans land at the Honduran border with Nicaragua and on to El Salvador in extreme heat on a chicken bus and you have to carry your luggage a half mile thru the border. He said you do NOT want to arrive in places like Managua or any non tourist destination at night.The taxi drivers are famous for robbing you with accomplices.I am going to have a come to Jesus talk with John about proceeding further. We have over 30 hrs of bus rides to get to Guatemala and if he gets sick again it aint gonna be pretty I may have to turn into nurse scratchet.
Meanwhile I love this island. Since we had already paid for a tour and John was sick I asked a woman to join me and take his place. I had a great time with this woman, a math teacher from England walking through a nature preserve seeing many monkeys, lizards and large birds and swimming in a mineral springs pool,lunch on the beach and visiting a church with ancient obelisks. She told me stories of getting roofied ,where she was drugged in Brazil and also recently in Bocas Panama. She accepted drinks from strangers and in Brazil she woke in a hospital but not raped. In Bocas she woke not remembering anything but also not robbed or raped because she was with a group of new friends who looked after her. There are two volcanoes on this island.The women here are very friendly not like in CR where generally the women don’t make eye contact.The young women here look back a smile a lot. It is peaceful here on this island with little crime.The people are poor but friendly.You can rent a room in a hostel for as little as $4 a night. Well I have to decide if we are gonna turn back or not.



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