A drunk Irishman squeezed my head in Guatemala.

Almost got in a fight with a drunk Irishman in Guatemala . This is ironic because the town of San Pedro and local mayan population is quite peaceful and calm. The drunk Irishman was about 5ft 7 and had no fat and approx. 155 lbs possibly mid 30’s. Thriller by Michael Jackson was playing. He wildly danced to the song then he wanted to know if people thought Michael Jackson really was a child molester. At one point he turned to ask me. I had to be honest and said yes knowing he would not like this response. He got upset and lectured me at great length . At one point he hugged my head so hard I thought he was bending my glasses. I found myself hating his guts imagining different ways my elbow could hurt him,thinking the bartenders should have barred him earlier.Then he began to bug my trivia partner who was a 25 year old Uruguayan traveling guitarist performer. The Uruguayan btw is a true survivalist with only a guitar and his clothes he has lived on the road for four years earning his way singing in restaurants and busses,meal by meal and who found a $3 hotel room in town.
Suddenly they were talking about fighting or hitting each other on the shoulder as hard as they can. I said I,ll back you up to my buddy and the drunk moron thinks I’m talking to him and turns around and says…. that’s all right I can handle it…
> They calm down by talking to each other but later the asshole again approaches my buddy who is bigger and stronger than the Irish jerk and he hits him in the face quite hard. My buddy’s face turns red. He says why did you do that.I pop out of my chair and move some furniture preparing to take the bitch down from behind.Then I tap him on the shoulder and say cut it out man as he postures my buddy. The entire bar is watching.The drunk Irishman seems oblivious to me and argues some more with the Uruguayan but they finally are speaking friendly and I return to my seat. We came in dead last in Trivia. The drunk Irishman leaves and the next day I find out that he went to another local bar and 5 guys beat the shit out of him and the police are looking for him. See pics the dark haired guy is the 25 yo Uraguayan dude who was my partner in trivia.

ps.I am back now home in Puerto Viejo. There were some other scary things happen but that was the most dangerous.


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