I went to meet the president, but he didn’t show up.

The other day the President of Costa Rica came to town. He has only been in office about 100 days. Supposedly he came to investigate about the new laws they are making concerning what to do with this whole town being built illegally, too close to the beach. Of course the govt ignored this issue for 30 years which gives the town a sort of squatters right to exist.
My friend Barry, who runs the BRIBRI soup kitchen that I volunteer at, invited the president through his advisor that he was welcome to visit and watch and he would also invite the chief of the Bribri tribe to be there. The advisor to the president said he would take it under consideration and later gave us no reply, and they didn’t show up so instead I enjoyed sharing birthday cake with two kids that we served and practiced my extremely limited BRIBRI language skills..
The president did however visit the town and my buddy John was able to get pics.
Note the lack of bodyguards. I don’t think anyone has any reason to want to kill this guy. The policemen were busy snapping photoes.The president got on a small boat, he asked people to submit questions in writing to him but apparently no one had heard and prepared any writings. Then I saw his motorcade go by me with 2 cop cars and a bombero fireman truck accompanying him. I don’t really follow Costa Rican politics and I have absolutely no faith in politicians but still my ego liked having an opportunity of a photo shot of me with the president. But it wasn’t to be…


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