Email from my chicken supplier. No chicken for you.

Greetings free range chicken lovers,

You have 3 choices:

1. Short Version
2. Long Version
3. Both


We had government inspectors visit our farm this week and we probably have problems coming that might stop us from providing chickens in the very near future. We have extras this week and it probably would be a good idea for you to grab extras for your freezer, because the future is very uncertain. Same place, same time.


Well….I knew this day would come, but didn’t think it would be so abrupt. I envisioned myself in my late 90’s….happy, but no longer up to the physical demands of working in the fields with our healthy happy chickens.

I thought at that time, that I’d have to break the news to my beloved community that I can no longer raise and provide these healthy birds for us and need to retire to my hammock. I dreamed of passing the baton to a younger fella or gal…along with the secrets that I have learned through the years,…the many tricks that we have developed to battle the tropics in order to raise the healthiest happiest free range chickens in Costa Rica, in harmony with our precious ecosystem.

Okay, screw that. That dream just got squashed. Looks like it’s not going down that way. It reads more like this: Costa Rica has followed suit with their leg humping duplication of "health" and food processing policies and regulations of their idol society, the USA, by creating more and more laws designed to"protect" the citizens,..which of course, only end up protecting the major food factory corporations that are taking over the global food industry.

(Whew….glad I got that off my chest!) Bottom line, there are new regulations,and even more importantly, the powers that be are actually enforcing them. These new laws prohibit small farmers and even individuals from processing any meat, even for their own family consumption. Yes. That’s right. These laws are in effect to protect us from ourselves. From our own choices about our health. From raising and growing our own food and sharing it with our neighbors. These regulations leave us with only one choice…to purchase factory farmed, processed "food" products from the grocery stores.

Two months ago, the federal government sent officials ( uniformed henchmen) farm to farm right here on the frontier ( on the road from Sixaola to Bribri) and all the way to Limon, preemptively warning all small farmers against raising and butchering any animal of their farm, even for their own family consumption. Also threatened them that if they sold a live animal it could not be transported off of their farm without their permission. All butchered animals would be confiscated and entry into their farms without consent was their legal right. Fines, penalties and confiscations of property were threatened. No shit. Believe it or not. Theregoes the traditional chancho for a cumpianos or navidad.

Sovlet’s take chickens for example: What choice they leave us after they eliminate all small farm poultry production ( to protect us from anything unhealthy) , is chickens that have been confined their entire lives in darkness without the benefit of sunshine, crammed into 20,000 to40,000 bird capacity buildings full of shit and squalor, stressed, jacked up with antibiotics and other drugs just to keep them alive, chlorine bleached multiple times in the killing process and treated inhumanly for their entire short lives. Yes,…thank you so much for thinking about our health! BUT….they had time and resources this week to visit my farm for an inspection of my unapproved and in their view, unhealthy chicken operation. How damn funny is that?

So here is the scoop. They didn’t get past the front farm gate, because my wife has a disorder that causes her to not understand Spanish at the most opportune moments…so they went away, but very unhappily. Rest assured, they will be back with power to come into the farm, inspect and most assuredly, shut us down. After all,we’re not Pipasa and don’t have a $100,000 air-conditioned processing plant that they described to me several years ago that they require of me. Of course,they also require proof of administering the antibiotics, other meds, bleach baths, and sundry other carcinogenic and unhealthy practices that we refuse to do…all in the name of health.

We have harvested extra chickens this week,that need to be off this farm. If you love our chicken, it might be a good idea to take a few extras, if you have freezer room. If you have the room, but it would be better to work out payment over time…we can work that out and it is still better to bust a move now. We can work it out.

Sorry for the shock for those of you, like us, who have grown to depend upon this healthy food choice every week. I’m doing what I can to evaluate our options.Our attorney is on it and trying to find a path to continue. Please help us all by taking extra chickens this week and we will see what we can do with the 6 weeks of chickens that I have living right here on the farm that will need to be harvested through October. Freezer space off the farm is a plus or any other ideas are appreciated. After October, maybe I will find a solution….maybe not.

We will be at the normal place on Saturday. Please consider a few extras,if possible. If not,no worries.

As a final note,….this crap doesn’t really scare me. It’s not like I’m running a Meth Lab. I’m not Breakin’ Bad. I’m just raising and providing healthy happy chickens,right?

Power to the People! Screw the Man! ( felt sooooo good sayin’ that!)

Peace Out,
Mike & Yvonne Humphrey

Buy Local – Eat Healthy – Live Long
Nuestra Finca Permaculture Farm
Caribe Sur, Costa Rica
8916-3237 / 8916-3228

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