I think it’s over. Henri terrified Rastaman who then called me to apologise.

Henri is my youngest Nicaraguan worker.  At 23 he is  very strong , has light brown skin and penetrating eyes with lots of very pretty girlfriends as the young girls seem to want him.Well as fate would have it he has some connections in Limon which is by far the most dangerous place in Costa Rica and in fact he knows gun dealers and murderers. This has not bothered me because I trust Henri as he has always been very loyal to me and we have chatted for many hours and he could have stole stuff from me anytime. He built my house with Barney and slept in my shed every night guarding the house for an extra $4 a day.
  Well Henri got to talking to Rastaman saying how wrong it was to have my place broke in and that I might just decide to have some Limon boys take care of the him once and for all. There are after all low lifes who will hurt people for money and Henri actually could put me touch with them if he wanted to. So Rastaman was made aware of the fact that Martin may decide to get serious about revenge if you keep attacking his place and that Martin has plenty of money and Henri literally does know  Limon contract killers.
   Well all day yesterday Rastaman was trying to get Henri to give him my number so he could call to try to make things right with me but Henri did not. Rastaman called Henri many times. Today he begged Henri to connect me with him saying he could not sleep the night before.
  So he called me and spent 10 mins apologizing to me saying I can count him as a friend and what happened between us is past etc etc.Of course he denied having anything to do with the break ins but he told Henri it  was fat boy and an accomplice who robbed me and that he told fat boy to return the wash machine etc but they argued and fatboy wont return it. Rastaman told me he fears the thieves may rob him next as apparently they are mad at each other. Nevertheless I am pretty damn certain no more will happen to my house because now the neighbor fears me greatly and he really doesn’t know what I am capable of doing and he has made it very clear to fat boy to stop robbing me.
  Still I won’t move back into that house and will rent or sell it . I am putting my former Spanish teacher in it for now. I have decided that the location of the house is too remote and therefore wont do for me to live there permanently especially in a shit hit the fan situation.
  My future is up in the air but this is a new and good development.


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