I was in an earthquake last night

Last night I experienced my first earthquake. It was around 930 PM and I was in my living room near San Jose when suddenly I thought the entire area was moving.It felt very strange. I got up out of curiosity and I felt unsteady. I wondered if I had been drinking too much but I instantly remembered I had not even drank 3 drinks so I ruled that out. I looked at the chandelier in the dining room and it was not moving then I thought well if this is an earthquake the ticos should be coming out of their houses and jibber jabbing hysterically in the streets.Also I did not hear dogs barking which I have been told happens right before earthquakes.I didn’t see any Ticos come out so I went back to surfing the internet and about 10 mins later I felt the feeling again. I said to myself wtf is going on here so I got up and this time I see the chandelier is gently swaying a few inches back and forth. I said to myself I know this house is moving I thought this house was moving damn it my house is moving.Then I went outside and figured if it got worse I would go hug this giant tree in my front yard. What a way to be converted to a tree hugger.It didn’t occur to me to wake up Bill my room mate. Basically it would have been every man for himself. A cat scurried by. I felt sort of queasy like after a carnival ride and then it subsided.
This morning they are saying it was a 7.4 that shook several countries around me.




2 thoughts on “I was in an earthquake last night

  1. Martin, I live in a “shake” zone and apparently after Napa they are saying the big one is on the horizon. Having 2 dogs when we experienced the first shake, I can report that neither one of them barked. They could have cared less. They only care about being stroked and having food in the bowl

  2. scarey feeling isn’t it?  I was in the top of the UCLA med towers -23 floors?- working when 1 struck & the towers swayed back & forth; the other time I was knocked out of bed onto the floor- give me a hurricaine anytime over that!  glad no damage done.  be well

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