I can stay in Costa Rica forever the law says.

The last time I crossed the border and went to Nicaragua when I re entered Costa Rica the immigration woman told me that this would be the last time I would get 90 days to stay in Costa Rica.She said this after she flipped through my passport and saw all the stamps showing that I have been essentially living here over a year.She said I needed to get work done on becoming a resident. Basically the deal is this. Costa Rica is cracking down on perpetual tourists like myself.This has become a huge huge problem and has led me to contact an English speaking lawyer who is handling my buddy’s residency application. He told me I can stay here forever no problem I just have to get a work permit.I never have to leave Costa Rica again if I choose and later I can become a resident through this method .I will get the permit as a self employed leasing consultant placing ads renting apartments here in the beautiful compound I am living in.or possibly an English tutor.This will cost me $1000 but I will never have to make a visa run again which normally costs me $300 every 90- days . Once I am given my case number I can just keep that with my passport and im good to go. So I am happy about this.
I am still enjoying the city of Alajuela near San Jose,after leaving my beach house with my Spanish teacher to live in. My problem with my neighbor has been solved and I can return whenever I want. I haven’t made up my mind yet what I am going to do but the advantage of being here is there are women here and I have been on a number of dates although none of the women spoke a word of English. Also the weather is absolutely perfect and gorgeous every day with low humidty sunny and mid 70’s all day long.Prices are cheap and stores are abundant. My typical day is a set or two of tennis with my room mate Bill and maybe a dip in the pool,then surf the internet, learn Spanish on youtube,take a nap,Go to the city and shop and see the sights,get a Taco Bell burrito and Mcdonalds ice cream.,maybe watch a Netflix movie in the evening or go to a real movie theatre.I am slowly learning to cook also. Life is good.
Pura Vida


3 thoughts on “I can stay in Costa Rica forever the law says.

  1. Lawrence is learning Spanish for free online using duolingo.com. He’s having fun conversing as well. Try Duolingo. We’re sick of giving up Hispanic business because we can’t speak Spanish.

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