Is it better to live in the US than Costa Rica….

A friend of mine just sent me an email asking a couple of questions. Below are my honest answers. I think he was playing the devil’s advocate.

A couple of questions
what’s really better about where you are than Sarasota?

mc…weather ,natural beauty,relaxed lifestyle,cost,women,political and financial freedom… in short almost EVERYTHING.

Now that Pot will be legal almost every where why be there?

mc If I want to smoke pot, the legality does not matter much to me

It cost more to live there than here, why live there

mc I don’t know where you got that idea but when I was in Sarasota it was costing me $2300 a month to live. I spend almost half that here. For example one can rent a 2 br apt in Turrialba area for $200 a month try that in Sarasota. A kilo of very deliscious tomatoes costs less then $2. A pack of cigarettes less then $3 a bus ride 30 cents. It is FAR cheaper to live in Costa Rica oh did I ,mention my elec bill is $7 a month for my country house when vacant and about $25 for my beach house when occupied.water is basically free,phone bill is $10 a month pay as I go. If I was in the states I would have to be working a job or living in my van because my budget would not allow me to be retired as I am here.

As we grow old medical care is better here than there, why live there?

mc that’s a lie from hell I don’t believe that at all it is just the opposite …first of all obamacare is a commie takeover plot and is absolutely ruining the economy. I could send you tons of info on that. The average American just saw their insurance costs go up 41% OMG that is so horrific, see here mainstream news is reporting this

Basically it costs a freeking fortune for healthcare in the US. Im talking a minimum of well over $300 a month for an individual plan, well here it is 25% of that to get on the Caja which is their version of Medicaid it costs my buddy $80 A MONTH. Dental care is 75% cheaper. The doctors are trained in the US many of them.I have tons of nightmare US healthcare stories about substandard care and infections from hospital stays etc. Did you know that COSTA RICANS live LONGER then Americans yes they live to 80 we live to 79. Here I can go to clinics and get things done without long waits for very cheap.For example before I realized I was having a reaction to COQ10 supplements I was feeling like maybe I had low blood sugar so I went in to a clinic and paid I think $7 to have them test my blood right there with minimal wait.

Women are women no matter where why live there?

mc OH HELL NO. I am dating a 29 year old gorgeous women from my dance class.See picture, My room mate who is 63 is right this moment on a date with a cute 22 year old. Here near the city a gringo, if he tries fairly hard and is not afraid to ask many women out, can go out with a beautiful woman who may be much younger, providing he is in good shape and has social skills,and they don’t frown on it like in the states. Now I am not saying people don’t stare a lot but the traditional roles are more accepted here so women like a man to lead and be a provider and protector.Women everywhere appreciate a man who is kind and considerate. I am completely aware of all the pitfalls of younger women and have discussed it endlessly with people but for me its not even the age I just want to find someone who I am attracted to that I can settle down with and it is easier to do here altho knowing some Spanish is a must.

Crime can’t be controlled there, why live there?

mc what do you mean it cant be controlled. A gringo never gets murdered here its almost unheard of.Most Costa Rican houses are fortresses with bars on windows etc and so are very safe. I believe a gringo in Costa Rica is statistically much safer then an American in any major city.I grew up in the burbs of DC and wouldn’t even walk in half that city in daytime let alone night. A house that’s not secure may get burglarized that’s true,there are more petty thieves

You can’t walk out your front door for a week leaving behind valuable possessions, your neighbors will " borrow them". Why live there?

mc Not true, if your the average tico homeowner you have houses connected to either side of your casa and so your neighbors are watching your house when you leave.It is not your neighbors who rob you in general the vast majority of neighbors are friends. It is hard to burglarise the avg tico home you need to cut through the roof and drop in and a thief stands a good chance of being caught doing that as there are neighbors on both sides. .

Also I should mention there are NOT 800 fema camps in Costa Rica,they don’t have a Dept of Homeland security that bought over a billion rounds of ammo.They aren’t having race riots, they haven’t invaded anyone and don’t even have an army,they aren’t spying on all their citizens emails and telephone calls, they dont stop you and confiscate all your cash,in short they are not a police state. In fact here in Alajuela the police walk the street they don’t drive around in cars and they are friendly I ask them questions frequently. I have to also say that I am in absolute perfect weather all year round here. I mean its 72 and sunny with low humidity every day whereas in N Va where I grew up its literally gross from Nov to March freezing cold with no leaves on the trees and all summer and in Fl it is unbearably hot and humid from mid may to mid Oct.


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