I am teaching English classes now.

I have started teaching English to a 9 year old girl and her mother every week. I volunteered to teach at a number of language schools but none of them called me back. I guess they are afraid I will make their local teachers look bad since they are not native speakers. The woman who cleans my house asked me to teach her 9 year old girl English. She has another daughter that is 15 and has stopped going to school altogether because they can’t afford books and uniforms. My student’s name is Gendry and I gave her the kitten I rescued here, as someone dumped two kittens into the compound where I live. Teaching English is harder then I thought. The girl simply can not pronounce Thursday. I don’t think any Tico can. It comes out sounding like Firsday. I try to show her how the tongue is supposed to be positioned and finally she gets it right. Now im giving her little presents like candy. I figure bribery will help her learn and besides my daughter does that with her students.
My own language learning is coming along slowly but surely. I am able to basically communicate. I am highly motivated because I am dating a girl that I have a crush on who speaks no English whatsoever. See pics. Her and I take dance lessons together and I dance many dances with her, mostly she loves Bachata which is a sexy dance where you pop your hip out at the end of the 4th beat. To me she looks like a model. I would give her a 100 on a scale of 1 to 100. At this point we are just friends but she is considering more, but wants to get to know me better as she has reasons not to trust men. She is divorced and has 3 children despite looking 19 and she works in a foundation doing the work of a nurse caring for very sick children so we have that in common.
I took her to Karioke and for the second time in my life sang a song by myself. I sang her ALL MY LOVING by the beatles.It was a big hit. It is hard to date without a car or speaking much of the language. Jasmin does not like taking busses as she has been molested on the busses.The last time a guy grabbed her ass. She says she caused a major scene when it happened.
Speaking of scenes, I was almost in a fight the other day as we left the dance studio I was escorting Jasmin, another woman and the teacher outside and the teacher had a guy friend with her. Well a strange dude appears out of nowhere very excited and loud and his body language signalled danger to me .He immediately declared him self the future esposo which means husband of the woman in my class, and began to lecture her shouting and pointing his finger at her and then to his heart. At one point he tried to grab her and take her with him but she jerked away. Then he kept demanding she give him a kiss on the cheek. Now this was a strong guy,in his twenties, no fat on his body,extremely upset and fairly drunk. The guy with the teacher does a disappearing act and slithers away.. Im left nervously fingering my tear gas in my right pocket and planning on hurting this guy quickly if he hurts the girl. She backs up back into the building and is clearly scared speaking to him very softly.The teacher blocks the door so he cant follow her and eventually she closes it and he is then left with Jasmin and I. At this point he is talking loudly in Spanish, He lifts his shirt up exposing his heart which I think he was proclaiming that it is now broken by his girlfriend who apparently is trying to dump him. Finally he leaves and Jasmin goes inside to talk to the girl so I am outside alone, then he comes back and comes to me. Im thinking ok buddy we need to de escalate you or one of us is gonna gert hurt so I gave him my most I FEEL YA type of look. I tell him Lo siento pero mi espanol no es muy bueno meaning Im sorry for your loss however I don’t speak Spanish very well. He decides that I will be his counselor and starts putting his arm around me then shaking my hand and telling me he is sorry and pointing to his heart again. I am thinking it sure would be nice if the police would handle this and about this time the police roll around and get out and three of them detain him which gives us a chance to leave and I walked Jasmin and the other girl to a cab.
The other exciting thing that happened lately is the Turrialba volcano blew up. It is 6 miles from my country mountain house but the wind always blows away from my house so it was safe however where I currently live in Alajuela over 30 miles away got dusted with volcanic ash. See pic of ash on car.. There have actually been many eruptions. Some friend of my room mate said it could be the next Vesuvius which was that bigass volcano that destroyed Pompei. I am pretty sure that is an exaggeration.
In other parts of my life for money what’s left of my bitcoins have gone way down in value but are now going back up. I am making money now trading the S and P index,currencies,gold, silver, and individual stocks. After twenty years of losing when I traded I believe I have figured out how to win. Simply it is to forget my opinions because they suck but instead now I copy proven experts. I am also doing a little meditating. I play a set of tennis many days a week and weight lift and walk our dog that my room mate and I rescued. It is a very cool dog btw his name is PG and he doesn’t speak English. He is blind in one eye and has only one testicle. This does not deter him from being the baddest assed dog in the neighborhood. Only a choke chain and my screaming keeps him from mauling other large dogs . He does however like humans and small dogs but he incessantly pisses on everything we walk past. He must have a bladder the size of a walnut.


One thought on “I am teaching English classes now.

  1. Hi Martin

    Sounds like you are doing well. You seem to run into the most unusual people! Glad to hear from you. Thanks for the pics. We have bought a mobile home for now. Still trying to get settled. We’ve had company non stop! Makes hard to get things accomplished, but we have enjoyed everyone. Getting ready for my son Jeff and his girlfriend to visit in May from Hawaii. I’ve had great news back from my labs from Moffitt Cancer up in Tampa, best results ever!! Downside, I’m getting Squamous skin cancer on my legs, secondary to the Leukemia, but I’m catching it before they get to bad. I’m also going to get the left hip, Total Replacement in a month or so. The Chemo has done some damage to the bones, lucky the same surgeon will be doing the hip that had replaced the right hip in 2011. I’ve gotten along great with that replacement. Do you plan on coming back to the states to visit? We’ve talked about planning another visit, but no dates until I get all the medical issues handled. Hope you continue to have your amazing adventures! Stay safe!

    Donna and Garry

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