Latest update on my life in Costa Rica… Pura Vida…

​Life is good. Pura Vida. I will continue to relate good and bad parts of my life because to only portray the good would be a lie and I would rather be vulnerable to criticism then a phoney.I still live in Alajuela near the capital in the suburbs where the weather is absolutely perfect every day of the year. As for my finances…Recently I sold my country house and made a tidy profit and gave financing to the buyer at 16% so I am receiving monthly payments now and can continue to use the house. This is good because my funds were starting to get low after living like a King for two years here.
Next I plan on selling my beach house. My financial trading is losing lately after winning thousands initially so I am soon going to quit if I lose a few k altogether but I am now betting on silver and bitcoin going up and the stock market going down.Once I sell my beach house I will be set.The idea is never have to go back to the states to work but only visit. Also in August my room mate and I have been promised a job managing the villas compound we live in, and in exchange we will recive free separate apartments so if that works out I will stay here indefinitely.
I have been in Costa Rica two years now and some positive differences I can see is have not driven a car in that time. I have no health insurance and don’t want any. I am in great shape. I have never slept in anything but outside air with windows open. I get tons of sunlight daily, I walk alot and get plenty of exercise at dance lessons, weight lifting,doing youtube routines and playing tennis, although my room mate now has semi permanent tennis elbow so no more tennis. I am now eating mostly raw veggies and juicing daily.Tomatoes are 30 cents a lb here and all other fruit and veggies similarly cheap. A mile away is the largest farmers market I have seen in all of central america where I stock up on stuff. See pics.
In other pics I will show you a lizard that went into my beach house where a young woman tenant of mine lives.I think she is dropping me a hint that I should put on a real front door instead of the one made of bars that is there. I just wrote her back saying INCREDIBLE. Also another super poisonous fer de lance was on the edge of our driveway here in Alajuela and was run over by a car. I feel that one has to rely on fate as far as snake bites are concerned.
Things I miss from the states. Other then many friends and relatives I miss decent selections of food and products in regular stores. I miss quality micro brewed beer and imported beers. Here we have just a few beers unless you go to special stores. I miss rooms full of English speaking people. I haven’t been in a crowd of people speaking English since I came to Alajuela. I miss blonde headed blue eyed women with big breasts. All are nonexistent here. Mostly I miss high quality construction or what I call rich houses. I see pictures and movies of the United States and it is like another world full of rich people and lavish buildings and mansions. Here the sidewalks tend to be in disrepair and every house has a tin roof. Not that it matters in the scheme of things but I enjoy high standards of construction.
On the other hand it is much prettier here than almost anywhere in the states as far as natural beauty is concerned.
I spend 4 hrs a day surfing the internet.I am a news junky and voracious reader of countless articles per day. I am also studying esoteric subjects currently researching about ET’s and UFO’s in the Bible.
In my social life I dated a beautiful young woman and enjoyed her company but she is basically too busy for me working 6 days a week, going to school at night, and having 3 kids. See pic. The girls dress skimpily down here. The young ones wear super tight minidresses for example. I started to see another younger woman but she just wants to be friends. See pic in kitchen. Now yesterday I got a date with an older woman about 40 who speaks English and has a car and dances with me in dance class. There are many beautiful women in this area and I intend to get me one and settle down and live happily ever after with her. Maybe it’s a fairy tale but I am going to try to make it come true. On the other hand I enjoy the freedom of being single but I long to snuggle with a woman and wake up next to the one I love. I have a biological clock you know. I ain’t getting any younger so I am going to get while the getting is good but I am looking only for a serious committed relationship not one night stands or prostitutes.
My Spanish continues to be not so great and I must say I thought I would be fluent in it by now but I am lazier then I thought and it is harder than I thought. I briefly worked as an English teacher here under the table but I quit because it was too hard communicating with the beginner classes of teenage girls and boys in my poor Spanish. Well that’s about it sorry my blogs are not as funny as they used to be. I am now just trying to blog more like a diary instead of relating stories in intimate details..




3 thoughts on “Latest update on my life in Costa Rica… Pura Vida…

  1. Hi Martin

    I always enjoy reading your blogs. All-in-all, it sounds like things are going very well. I’m happy for you.

    All the best ~

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