I am moving twice in the next 3 weeks.

I am moving twice in the next three weeks. It is time to leave Alajuela. Tomorrow I am downsizing from a $1000 a month house that I share with a buddy to a house by myself for $100 a month, for the rest of September deep in the mountains. It is very near my vacant mountain house which I sold but am still maintaining for a few more months. The house has only a bed in it and a flat screen tv and cable. I would live in my vacant house but it is too remote and taking the bus is a hassle.
I needed to do some painting on the house and figured to do it in September because as a survivalist aka a prepper I see that millions of people are concerned about September being the month that all hell breaks loose and sure enough a global financial meltdown appears to be in progress. I will be planting Moringa tree seeds all around the area like Johnny Appleseed. The trees grow 20 ft in a year and you can eat their leaves like spinach and the Ticos’ don’t know about them so they won’t steal them.
I also have a good friend who found me the house I am renting for $100 and he has agreed to teach me intensive Spanish lessons daily. His name is Manuel and I call him Manny Manuela. He makes $150 a month in disability payments and lives in happy poverty at his moms’ house. He was once an illegal alien in the states .He smuggled himself to the states in a banana boat and made it 7 years in the states doing back breaking work picking tomatoes and other things. I think that’s how he hurt his back. He finally got busted and deported. Manny is a gentleman and I am bringing him some old clothes and shoes that don’t fit me. See picture of him and a friend. If nothing dangerous happens by Oct 1st I have rented a beautiful two bedroom apartment a block from the largest dance hall I have seen in Central America, see pic. I decided that I should move somewhere near a very popular dance hall and I found the perfect place in Sarchi a beautiful small town in the rolling hills of the central valley in the province of Alajuela with it’s perfect year round weather. I will have all the dance partners I want and will certainly meet many women. I can walk to the friendly town and a small store is 1 block away
The cost of my apartment is $155 a month and the older lady who owns it is throwing in some furniture and charging an extra $10 a month for that. Utilities will be as follows…water about $12,Electricity about $20 and internet will probably be a wifi signal I pay a neighbor $10 for. I may get cable for about $20 if I want. My cellphone is prepay and costs me about $10 a month and gets internet so for housing costs in total I will pay under $250 a month. I can hold my eating and drinking expenses to $15 a day and therefore live on $750 a month which is my income from my two houses. My buddy Bill is moving to his own apt down the street . He knows a woman who wants to start a fast food restaurant by renting a place for $300 a month and serving things like hot dogs, hamburgers, empanadas etc and delivering. I am considering going into that business.
I have no regrets living here because in the states I would have to work but here I don’t. I just spent some time in Northern Va going to my mom’s funeral and I read somewhere that people need to make $75,000 a year in order to afford to live there. No thanks, no more ratrace like that for me.
The thing I want to say about getting along in a foreign country is it is very helpful to have friends and mentors who can pave the way for you. Trustworthy people who speak the language fluently and know the area. Bill and Manuel have been like that for me. It’s like having a manned space probe exploring the moon before you get there. You make friends wherever you go and they help you.


7 thoughts on “I am moving twice in the next 3 weeks.

  1. First of all, you are looking younger and more handsome with each pic I see. The ladies will love you! The place is gorgeous. I think you have truly found paradise. If I wasn’t afraid of snakes, I would be your neighbor!
    Have fun and congrats on leaving and finding Heaven on hearth.

  2. Hi Martin I always enjoy reading your posts. It sounds like you are doing very well and enjoying yourself. I’m glad you have good, dependable friends and a nice place to live. All the very best to you ~ Elia

  3. Hi Martin

    So sorry to hear about your mother. Sounds like you are still having a wonderful adventure in Costa Rica. You are looking very well in the picture. We visited Sarchi when we were in Costa Rica. It seemed very nice! The dance hall looks nice. We’ve been busy here. I had my left hip replaced the end of July. About finished with physical therapy. Also, before the surgery made another trip to Hawaii to visit my son. Had a wonderful time there. I love it there even tho it’s expensive there. Are you going to purchase another place or is it easier to rent? You’ve been lucky to have found some good people there to help you out. I’m sure you will have a lot of dance partners! Maybe more than you want! Ha. Garry’s been riding his bicycle most days. He biked 1,000 miles in July. He now has just over 20,000 miles on his Scott bike. We’ve had some rain here, seems like a little more than usual. We were talking about you the other day, wondering how you are doing. Do you think you’ll go back to Panama any time soon? We bought an All American Pressure Canner. Going to start doing some canning. We are going to can mostly meats. Probably some beans and soups also. I’ve canned ground beef, chicken, pork, and meatloaf before. Everything turned out really good, so anxious to get back to it. Are you planning on coming back to Florida for a visit anytime soon? If so, let us know. We have a guest room and extra bathroom if you need a place to stay. Well, it’s great to hear from you. Stay safe and stay in touch.

    Donna and Garry Estle

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