I moved to the perfect retirement spot near Grecia

— I moved to Sarchi which is a short ​icon_11_image_list.png20150904_145720.jpg
​12 min bus ride to Grecia

I am 300 meters from a salon grande de baile a really giant dance hall perhaps the biggest in all of Costa Rica where busloads of people come from far away to dance the night away, see pic. I have resumed taking dancing lessons and working out with weights. Also I am learning Spanish and preparing to teach English should I desire more income.

but Grecia is the nearby happening town, read about it here as it has views,cheap real estate,plenty of Americans and is the cleanest city in Latin America I am told as well as being safe with English movie theatres restaraunts etc, even a hospital.



or here

as it is the perfect place to retire to according to many

​check out the weather here as it averages temps of 72 PEEEEERFECT degrees daily


Pura vida

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2 thoughts on “I moved to the perfect retirement spot near Grecia

    • yes life is good. I just have not been blogging but I dance and workout and surf the internet. I am thinking to go to the phillipines in the next few months to meet a woman I met online. Will update all if it happens.

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