Update on my life in Costa Rica. Searching for Mrs. Right.

​I continue to be focused on women here. The central valley of Costa Rica,where I have chosen to settle down in, has the most beautiful women in all of central America​ as well as the most perfect weather you can imagine. It is sunny and 72 every day of the year. I am alot less shy than I was in my earlier life so now I shamelessly flirt with beautiful women every day. It is a numbers game so I have to speak to many to be able to find one that will actually go out with me. Considering I don’t have a car and speak pretty poor Spanish and being 60 years old I have some strikes against me.
However despite the handicaps I have been dating a drop dead gorgeous women in her 30’s that turns out has a fear of commitment. Well I can hear people say that girl is too young for you and you have nothing in common with such a young women. A sister basically told me that and also that the women was probably a gold digger.
The problem is my sister doesn’t have testosterone coursing through her veins. This distorts the thinking of men. I even told Cynthia this many times. I started teaching her English for free and one thing led to another. To make a long story short she is in the process of buying a lot to have a house constructed on it and she is going to have trouble affording this, but if I went in on it with her then that would make it very doable so this put pressure on us to quickly become committed as well as my tendency to form whirlwind romances with women. Now I know that I should take my time and one of my rules is I do not want to live with a woman before 6 months, however with this girl I was willing to throw away all of my rules. I even told her that. I said look everytime I am around you I can not think clearly because I just want to stare at you and touch you. She thought that was funny but it really is way too much power for her to have. I wanted to spoil her rotten like a princess. SO we were both motivated by the wrong reasons to some extent and she decided to slow down.
About gold diggers let me say this, in general yes the very hot younger women tend to want money. I found this out in Alajuela where a number of very beautiful young women I flirted with implied they would see me but made a point of mentioning how broke they were. I think all women to some extent want security and are not going to marry a homeless man living under a bridge so it is a question of degree. Almost all the women I have gone out with tell stories of growing up in poverty.
Now I am going out with an older woman in her forties from my dance class. She has money, a fancy car and an expensive house being built for her by her unfaithful ex she recently separated from. She dances well and also looks very good in a bathing suit, see pic and she sings like an angel at the Karioke bar because she used to sing in the church choir. She pays me for English lessons. BTW everyone wants to learn English here and the English teachers don’t know English very well. So this woman is not a gold digger and has two teenage sons that she spends alot of time on. She also grew up poor and her mother did not have money for milk when she was a baby so she was given water with sugar in it.
In other developments for money I am basically a professional gambler now betting on sports predictions made by a friend of mine who is a winning handicapper of baseball and hockey so I am copying his documented winning selections and I am making tax free cash. Yesterday we went 8 wins 0 losses and I made over $600 yipee. I always wanted to be a professional gambler and was mocked for saying that it was even possible but I am having the last laugh. Also I am betting on silver and gold to rise and the stock market to go down. I am looking to sell my beach house and already sold my country house and receive monthly payments for it. My income is not taxable by the dreaded tax collectors even by their own admission because the first $91,000 of offshore income is EXEMPT.
I continue to believe the economy is going to collapse most likely this year so I am preparing for that. Some interesting tidbits are
I have not driven a car in almost 3 years now. I have not received mail in years. I have not owned a TV in years. I wash my clothes by hand. I still miss micro brewed beer and looking at blonde haired women.
My Spanish is getting better, I am not around people who speak English most of the time.

I volunteer at an orphanage every Saturday where I attempt to teach English to 4 girls and a 7 year old boy. The girls are 14,12,11 and 9. There are many group homes and traditional orphanages where children are not treated well. This group home is run by an American woman and it is a great place for kids to grow up. Lots of love and attention and material comforts of a middle class life. Half the money comes from donations. It is a little awkward for me because half the time the kids don’t really want to learn English on their day off and the girls do things like throw glitter on me or try to hook me up with some woman or the 12 year old drew on me one day. The 14 year old is very mature and smart and may become a doctor. I also teach English for free at a nearby cultural center in Grecia where people just show up to talk to a native North American. It is a good life here, no dangerous people, no violent crime at all. I think I will settle down around here. Below are pics and the snake was found near my country house by my neighbor Miguel. It is a large Fer De Lance one of the worlds most poisonous snakes. If you get bit by one you will almost certainly not make it to San Jose in time to receive the anti venom.

Until next time.


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