Update on my life in Costa Rica. Searching for Mrs. Right.

​I continue to be focused on women here. The central valley of Costa Rica,where I have chosen to settle down in, has the most beautiful women in all of central America​ as well as the most perfect weather you can imagine. It is sunny and 72 every day of the year. I am alot less shy than I was in my earlier life so now I shamelessly flirt with beautiful women every day. It is a numbers game so I have to speak to many to be able to find one that will actually go out with me. Considering I don’t have a car and speak pretty poor Spanish and being 60 years old I have some strikes against me.
However despite the handicaps I have been dating a drop dead gorgeous women in her 30’s that turns out has a fear of commitment. Well I can hear people say that girl is too young for you and you have nothing in common with such a young women. A sister basically told me that and also that the women was probably a gold digger.
The problem is my sister doesn’t have testosterone coursing through her veins. This distorts the thinking of men. I even told Cynthia this many times. I started teaching her English for free and one thing led to another. To make a long story short she is in the process of buying a lot to have a house constructed on it and she is going to have trouble affording this, but if I went in on it with her then that would make it very doable so this put pressure on us to quickly become committed as well as my tendency to form whirlwind romances with women. Now I know that I should take my time and one of my rules is I do not want to live with a woman before 6 months, however with this girl I was willing to throw away all of my rules. I even told her that. I said look everytime I am around you I can not think clearly because I just want to stare at you and touch you. She thought that was funny but it really is way too much power for her to have. I wanted to spoil her rotten like a princess. SO we were both motivated by the wrong reasons to some extent and she decided to slow down.
About gold diggers let me say this, in general yes the very hot younger women tend to want money. I found this out in Alajuela where a number of very beautiful young women I flirted with implied they would see me but made a point of mentioning how broke they were. I think all women to some extent want security and are not going to marry a homeless man living under a bridge so it is a question of degree. Almost all the women I have gone out with tell stories of growing up in poverty.
Now I am going out with an older woman in her forties from my dance class. She has money, a fancy car and an expensive house being built for her by her unfaithful ex she recently separated from. She dances well and also looks very good in a bathing suit, see pic and she sings like an angel at the Karioke bar because she used to sing in the church choir. She pays me for English lessons. BTW everyone wants to learn English here and the English teachers don’t know English very well. So this woman is not a gold digger and has two teenage sons that she spends alot of time on. She also grew up poor and her mother did not have money for milk when she was a baby so she was given water with sugar in it.
In other developments for money I am basically a professional gambler now betting on sports predictions made by a friend of mine who is a winning handicapper of baseball and hockey so I am copying his documented winning selections and I am making tax free cash. Yesterday we went 8 wins 0 losses and I made over $600 yipee. I always wanted to be a professional gambler and was mocked for saying that it was even possible but I am having the last laugh. Also I am betting on silver and gold to rise and the stock market to go down. I am looking to sell my beach house and already sold my country house and receive monthly payments for it. My income is not taxable by the dreaded tax collectors even by their own admission because the first $91,000 of offshore income is EXEMPT.
I continue to believe the economy is going to collapse most likely this year so I am preparing for that. Some interesting tidbits are
I have not driven a car in almost 3 years now. I have not received mail in years. I have not owned a TV in years. I wash my clothes by hand. I still miss micro brewed beer and looking at blonde haired women.
My Spanish is getting better, I am not around people who speak English most of the time.

I volunteer at an orphanage every Saturday where I attempt to teach English to 4 girls and a 7 year old boy. The girls are 14,12,11 and 9. There are many group homes and traditional orphanages where children are not treated well. This group home is run by an American woman and it is a great place for kids to grow up. Lots of love and attention and material comforts of a middle class life. Half the money comes from donations. It is a little awkward for me because half the time the kids don’t really want to learn English on their day off and the girls do things like throw glitter on me or try to hook me up with some woman or the 12 year old drew on me one day. The 14 year old is very mature and smart and may become a doctor. I also teach English for free at a nearby cultural center in Grecia where people just show up to talk to a native North American. It is a good life here, no dangerous people, no violent crime at all. I think I will settle down around here. Below are pics and the snake was found near my country house by my neighbor Miguel. It is a large Fer De Lance one of the worlds most poisonous snakes. If you get bit by one you will almost certainly not make it to San Jose in time to receive the anti venom.

Until next time.


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I moved to the perfect retirement spot near Grecia

— I moved to Sarchi which is a short ​icon_11_image_list.png20150904_145720.jpg
​12 min bus ride to Grecia

I am 300 meters from a salon grande de baile a really giant dance hall perhaps the biggest in all of Costa Rica where busloads of people come from far away to dance the night away, see pic. I have resumed taking dancing lessons and working out with weights. Also I am learning Spanish and preparing to teach English should I desire more income.

but Grecia is the nearby happening town, read about it here as it has views,cheap real estate,plenty of Americans and is the cleanest city in Latin America I am told as well as being safe with English movie theatres restaraunts etc, even a hospital.



or here

as it is the perfect place to retire to according to many

​check out the weather here as it averages temps of 72 PEEEEERFECT degrees daily


Pura vida

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There is a chicken on my tin roof.

Every morning a chicken walks across my tin roof. Usually I am awake already because a mentally challenged rooster crows loudly by my window an hour before sunrise. The chicken on the roof makes scratching noises like fingernails on a blackboard. Obviously this is a negative thing but in general I am happy here.
I decided to stay in this small mountain town called Santa Terisita, deep in the mountains of Costa Rica, near Turrialba, for 3 weeks. The views here are absolutely stunning. The water is pure spring water with no chlorine or fluoride. People live in cheap houses with million dollar views. Everyone greets me when I pass them.
I wanted to visit the country house I am selling, which is even a bit farther in the mountains, to have some work done on it. There is not much happening in this town. There is 1 and a half restaurants and one bar which just closed. Internet is limited for me temporarily so when I am bored I buy dvd movies in town to watch and I play a very stupid and addictive game I found on my smart phone. I have discovered how to wash my clothes here for free by stomping on them in the shower with baby shampoo then hanging them out to dry.
I am a 45 min drive from the nearest gas station or ATM machine unless you count Machas gas station which consists of a bunch of non EPA approved containers of gas in her kitchen. Macha is a kind woman who offered to put up my buddy Manuel when his mom kicked him out of the house because he complained that his lazy brother should be making rice instead of him. Macha has a casino in her house as well as being the local gas station. The casino consists of some pinball type machines that pay coins.
Manuel is an English speaking buddy that I knew when we both lived in Puerto Viejo the beach town. He is like the mayor of this small town and has introduced me to dozens of people including many cops, the priest and an assortment of people with bizarre nicknames like Herman the munster, and a guy called Ugly aka FEO, who btw is proud to be called ugly.
I am treated like a celebrity around here, a big fish in a small pond because there is not a gringo for many miles and people do not see one close up. They get a huge kick out of hearing me massacre the Spanish language so I make a point to speak Spanish constantly plus many of them are dying to practice English. A number of teenage girls have started conversations with me and one group of teenage girls was staring at me while I was playing bingo to the point where I was embarassed because I didn’t want to be viewed in the crowded hall as hitting on their 13 year olds. Finally the leader looked up and said in a hugely thick accent WHAT IS YOUR NAME. I introduced myself to them and didn’t know what to say after that.
To impress the young men Manuel has taught me to sound cool by saying things like Que pasa mope or Que Tal Mier which is like What’s happening dude, and the young men smile when I say that. The local high school English teacher flagged me down in the street and insisted that I come talk to her repeatedly at her house because she is dying to practice English with a native speaker. She is 27 and wears braces and is very smart. She took a test and got a full scholarship to college. She has given me free Spanish lessons.
I have seen two women here that I have dated in the past, one was my old girlfiend from Turrialba and another a girl Manuel introduced me to long ago and took her on a date in San Jose but I am not looking for a girlfriend here because I am leaving to move to an apt in Sarchi at the end of the month. There are some desperately poor young women that are sort of quasi prostitutes that you can rent with the option to marry. In other words they will sleep with you for a lil bit of money and move in with you if all goes well but I do not really want such a relationship
There are many animals here. I have killed 3 large spiders in the house I rented for $100 for the month. A kid caught a boa and was walking around with it. There are lots of cowboys here riding on horses and there are no zoning laws so people have cows, horses and chickens in their yards as well as many commercial businesses run out of homes.
There are too many dogs running loose here some who are mangy and need to be put out of their misery. Most dogs roam freely. Manuel told me my neighbors dog was trying to sneak up and bite me and he said do not try to pet him please. Later another neighbors dog tried to attack me and this dog came to my rescue and scared the other dog off. I guess he wants first dibs on biting the gringo.

The people are very poor here. The average income is no more than $500 a month, if that. A boy of about 10 years showed up at the only open restaurant in town to ask the owner for some money. He is always hungry she told me and I noticed how dirty he was but I had seen him playing with other kids so at least he has some fun. His mother has a number of children but the rumor is she does not know who the fathers are. Pablo needed a new pair of shoes. I bought him a pair and I have been giving him money for bread .You can buy 3 baggetes like french bread for 1 mil which is less then $2.
I went to a catholic mass for the first time in 30 years. It was held in a home. It was standing room only with altar girls instead of boys and a woman served communion. Afterwards the owner of the home served everyone free dinner. No wonder it was packed full. Manuel said a cute woman wanted to meet me there but she was too busy serving food so I didn’t meet her and also she is reported to be a gold digger.
The entire town is like one big family,It seems that everyone is a cousin of Manuel. I went fishing on the property of a cousin ,one of the local cops. He has an ideal life despite the fact that he was once stabbed and also ran over by a car which ran over his head but aside from some scars on the back of his head he turned out ok. His small eco farm has talapia ponds, fruit trees,chickens ,pigs and even two turkeys. He built the house for 20k worth of materials and the land cost 16k. We caught a bunch of fish and his lovely wife cooked the biggest ones immediately for us. His little 4 yo boy was just adorable.The cops don’t have much to do here except tell the teenage boys to stop drag racing their motorcycles. The young men are not criminals here but some like to smoke pot. There are a few thieves but no murderers or armed robbers here. The cop was stabbed long ago and that guy went to jail and when he was run over that was an accident.
The other day was independence day for CR and there were parades and marching bands, and they had a dance where Manuel and I danced our asses off. The people of this small mountain town have been exceptionally friendly to me here. I have been experiencing total cultural immersion here and feel very warmly received. People pay money to do what I am doing and learn Spanish this way. I have even interacted with small children which has been very rewarding.
Tomorrow I will go on 3 busses for 4 hrs with 6 pieces of luggage to my new apartment in Sarchi where I will settle down and dance 4 nights a week in the giant dance hall nearby.

I am moving twice in the next 3 weeks.

I am moving twice in the next three weeks. It is time to leave Alajuela. Tomorrow I am downsizing from a $1000 a month house that I share with a buddy to a house by myself for $100 a month, for the rest of September deep in the mountains. It is very near my vacant mountain house which I sold but am still maintaining for a few more months. The house has only a bed in it and a flat screen tv and cable. I would live in my vacant house but it is too remote and taking the bus is a hassle.
I needed to do some painting on the house and figured to do it in September because as a survivalist aka a prepper I see that millions of people are concerned about September being the month that all hell breaks loose and sure enough a global financial meltdown appears to be in progress. I will be planting Moringa tree seeds all around the area like Johnny Appleseed. The trees grow 20 ft in a year and you can eat their leaves like spinach and the Ticos’ don’t know about them so they won’t steal them.
I also have a good friend who found me the house I am renting for $100 and he has agreed to teach me intensive Spanish lessons daily. His name is Manuel and I call him Manny Manuela. He makes $150 a month in disability payments and lives in happy poverty at his moms’ house. He was once an illegal alien in the states .He smuggled himself to the states in a banana boat and made it 7 years in the states doing back breaking work picking tomatoes and other things. I think that’s how he hurt his back. He finally got busted and deported. Manny is a gentleman and I am bringing him some old clothes and shoes that don’t fit me. See picture of him and a friend. If nothing dangerous happens by Oct 1st I have rented a beautiful two bedroom apartment a block from the largest dance hall I have seen in Central America, see pic. I decided that I should move somewhere near a very popular dance hall and I found the perfect place in Sarchi a beautiful small town in the rolling hills of the central valley in the province of Alajuela with it’s perfect year round weather. I will have all the dance partners I want and will certainly meet many women. I can walk to the friendly town and a small store is 1 block away
The cost of my apartment is $155 a month and the older lady who owns it is throwing in some furniture and charging an extra $10 a month for that. Utilities will be as follows…water about $12,Electricity about $20 and internet will probably be a wifi signal I pay a neighbor $10 for. I may get cable for about $20 if I want. My cellphone is prepay and costs me about $10 a month and gets internet so for housing costs in total I will pay under $250 a month. I can hold my eating and drinking expenses to $15 a day and therefore live on $750 a month which is my income from my two houses. My buddy Bill is moving to his own apt down the street . He knows a woman who wants to start a fast food restaurant by renting a place for $300 a month and serving things like hot dogs, hamburgers, empanadas etc and delivering. I am considering going into that business.
I have no regrets living here because in the states I would have to work but here I don’t. I just spent some time in Northern Va going to my mom’s funeral and I read somewhere that people need to make $75,000 a year in order to afford to live there. No thanks, no more ratrace like that for me.
The thing I want to say about getting along in a foreign country is it is very helpful to have friends and mentors who can pave the way for you. Trustworthy people who speak the language fluently and know the area. Bill and Manuel have been like that for me. It’s like having a manned space probe exploring the moon before you get there. You make friends wherever you go and they help you.

Latest update on my life in Costa Rica… Pura Vida…

​Life is good. Pura Vida. I will continue to relate good and bad parts of my life because to only portray the good would be a lie and I would rather be vulnerable to criticism then a phoney.I still live in Alajuela near the capital in the suburbs where the weather is absolutely perfect every day of the year. As for my finances…Recently I sold my country house and made a tidy profit and gave financing to the buyer at 16% so I am receiving monthly payments now and can continue to use the house. This is good because my funds were starting to get low after living like a King for two years here.
Next I plan on selling my beach house. My financial trading is losing lately after winning thousands initially so I am soon going to quit if I lose a few k altogether but I am now betting on silver and bitcoin going up and the stock market going down.Once I sell my beach house I will be set.The idea is never have to go back to the states to work but only visit. Also in August my room mate and I have been promised a job managing the villas compound we live in, and in exchange we will recive free separate apartments so if that works out I will stay here indefinitely.
I have been in Costa Rica two years now and some positive differences I can see is have not driven a car in that time. I have no health insurance and don’t want any. I am in great shape. I have never slept in anything but outside air with windows open. I get tons of sunlight daily, I walk alot and get plenty of exercise at dance lessons, weight lifting,doing youtube routines and playing tennis, although my room mate now has semi permanent tennis elbow so no more tennis. I am now eating mostly raw veggies and juicing daily.Tomatoes are 30 cents a lb here and all other fruit and veggies similarly cheap. A mile away is the largest farmers market I have seen in all of central america where I stock up on stuff. See pics.
In other pics I will show you a lizard that went into my beach house where a young woman tenant of mine lives.I think she is dropping me a hint that I should put on a real front door instead of the one made of bars that is there. I just wrote her back saying INCREDIBLE. Also another super poisonous fer de lance was on the edge of our driveway here in Alajuela and was run over by a car. I feel that one has to rely on fate as far as snake bites are concerned.
Things I miss from the states. Other then many friends and relatives I miss decent selections of food and products in regular stores. I miss quality micro brewed beer and imported beers. Here we have just a few beers unless you go to special stores. I miss rooms full of English speaking people. I haven’t been in a crowd of people speaking English since I came to Alajuela. I miss blonde headed blue eyed women with big breasts. All are nonexistent here. Mostly I miss high quality construction or what I call rich houses. I see pictures and movies of the United States and it is like another world full of rich people and lavish buildings and mansions. Here the sidewalks tend to be in disrepair and every house has a tin roof. Not that it matters in the scheme of things but I enjoy high standards of construction.
On the other hand it is much prettier here than almost anywhere in the states as far as natural beauty is concerned.
I spend 4 hrs a day surfing the internet.I am a news junky and voracious reader of countless articles per day. I am also studying esoteric subjects currently researching about ET’s and UFO’s in the Bible.
In my social life I dated a beautiful young woman and enjoyed her company but she is basically too busy for me working 6 days a week, going to school at night, and having 3 kids. See pic. The girls dress skimpily down here. The young ones wear super tight minidresses for example. I started to see another younger woman but she just wants to be friends. See pic in kitchen. Now yesterday I got a date with an older woman about 40 who speaks English and has a car and dances with me in dance class. There are many beautiful women in this area and I intend to get me one and settle down and live happily ever after with her. Maybe it’s a fairy tale but I am going to try to make it come true. On the other hand I enjoy the freedom of being single but I long to snuggle with a woman and wake up next to the one I love. I have a biological clock you know. I ain’t getting any younger so I am going to get while the getting is good but I am looking only for a serious committed relationship not one night stands or prostitutes.
My Spanish continues to be not so great and I must say I thought I would be fluent in it by now but I am lazier then I thought and it is harder than I thought. I briefly worked as an English teacher here under the table but I quit because it was too hard communicating with the beginner classes of teenage girls and boys in my poor Spanish. Well that’s about it sorry my blogs are not as funny as they used to be. I am now just trying to blog more like a diary instead of relating stories in intimate details..



I am teaching English classes now.

I have started teaching English to a 9 year old girl and her mother every week. I volunteered to teach at a number of language schools but none of them called me back. I guess they are afraid I will make their local teachers look bad since they are not native speakers. The woman who cleans my house asked me to teach her 9 year old girl English. She has another daughter that is 15 and has stopped going to school altogether because they can’t afford books and uniforms. My student’s name is Gendry and I gave her the kitten I rescued here, as someone dumped two kittens into the compound where I live. Teaching English is harder then I thought. The girl simply can not pronounce Thursday. I don’t think any Tico can. It comes out sounding like Firsday. I try to show her how the tongue is supposed to be positioned and finally she gets it right. Now im giving her little presents like candy. I figure bribery will help her learn and besides my daughter does that with her students.
My own language learning is coming along slowly but surely. I am able to basically communicate. I am highly motivated because I am dating a girl that I have a crush on who speaks no English whatsoever. See pics. Her and I take dance lessons together and I dance many dances with her, mostly she loves Bachata which is a sexy dance where you pop your hip out at the end of the 4th beat. To me she looks like a model. I would give her a 100 on a scale of 1 to 100. At this point we are just friends but she is considering more, but wants to get to know me better as she has reasons not to trust men. She is divorced and has 3 children despite looking 19 and she works in a foundation doing the work of a nurse caring for very sick children so we have that in common.
I took her to Karioke and for the second time in my life sang a song by myself. I sang her ALL MY LOVING by the beatles.It was a big hit. It is hard to date without a car or speaking much of the language. Jasmin does not like taking busses as she has been molested on the busses.The last time a guy grabbed her ass. She says she caused a major scene when it happened.
Speaking of scenes, I was almost in a fight the other day as we left the dance studio I was escorting Jasmin, another woman and the teacher outside and the teacher had a guy friend with her. Well a strange dude appears out of nowhere very excited and loud and his body language signalled danger to me .He immediately declared him self the future esposo which means husband of the woman in my class, and began to lecture her shouting and pointing his finger at her and then to his heart. At one point he tried to grab her and take her with him but she jerked away. Then he kept demanding she give him a kiss on the cheek. Now this was a strong guy,in his twenties, no fat on his body,extremely upset and fairly drunk. The guy with the teacher does a disappearing act and slithers away.. Im left nervously fingering my tear gas in my right pocket and planning on hurting this guy quickly if he hurts the girl. She backs up back into the building and is clearly scared speaking to him very softly.The teacher blocks the door so he cant follow her and eventually she closes it and he is then left with Jasmin and I. At this point he is talking loudly in Spanish, He lifts his shirt up exposing his heart which I think he was proclaiming that it is now broken by his girlfriend who apparently is trying to dump him. Finally he leaves and Jasmin goes inside to talk to the girl so I am outside alone, then he comes back and comes to me. Im thinking ok buddy we need to de escalate you or one of us is gonna gert hurt so I gave him my most I FEEL YA type of look. I tell him Lo siento pero mi espanol no es muy bueno meaning Im sorry for your loss however I don’t speak Spanish very well. He decides that I will be his counselor and starts putting his arm around me then shaking my hand and telling me he is sorry and pointing to his heart again. I am thinking it sure would be nice if the police would handle this and about this time the police roll around and get out and three of them detain him which gives us a chance to leave and I walked Jasmin and the other girl to a cab.
The other exciting thing that happened lately is the Turrialba volcano blew up. It is 6 miles from my country mountain house but the wind always blows away from my house so it was safe however where I currently live in Alajuela over 30 miles away got dusted with volcanic ash. See pic of ash on car.. There have actually been many eruptions. Some friend of my room mate said it could be the next Vesuvius which was that bigass volcano that destroyed Pompei. I am pretty sure that is an exaggeration.
In other parts of my life for money what’s left of my bitcoins have gone way down in value but are now going back up. I am making money now trading the S and P index,currencies,gold, silver, and individual stocks. After twenty years of losing when I traded I believe I have figured out how to win. Simply it is to forget my opinions because they suck but instead now I copy proven experts. I am also doing a little meditating. I play a set of tennis many days a week and weight lift and walk our dog that my room mate and I rescued. It is a very cool dog btw his name is PG and he doesn’t speak English. He is blind in one eye and has only one testicle. This does not deter him from being the baddest assed dog in the neighborhood. Only a choke chain and my screaming keeps him from mauling other large dogs . He does however like humans and small dogs but he incessantly pisses on everything we walk past. He must have a bladder the size of a walnut.

Is it better to live in the US than Costa Rica….

A friend of mine just sent me an email asking a couple of questions. Below are my honest answers. I think he was playing the devil’s advocate.

A couple of questions
what’s really better about where you are than Sarasota?

mc…weather ,natural beauty,relaxed lifestyle,cost,women,political and financial freedom… in short almost EVERYTHING.

Now that Pot will be legal almost every where why be there?

mc If I want to smoke pot, the legality does not matter much to me

It cost more to live there than here, why live there

mc I don’t know where you got that idea but when I was in Sarasota it was costing me $2300 a month to live. I spend almost half that here. For example one can rent a 2 br apt in Turrialba area for $200 a month try that in Sarasota. A kilo of very deliscious tomatoes costs less then $2. A pack of cigarettes less then $3 a bus ride 30 cents. It is FAR cheaper to live in Costa Rica oh did I ,mention my elec bill is $7 a month for my country house when vacant and about $25 for my beach house when occupied.water is basically free,phone bill is $10 a month pay as I go. If I was in the states I would have to be working a job or living in my van because my budget would not allow me to be retired as I am here.

As we grow old medical care is better here than there, why live there?

mc that’s a lie from hell I don’t believe that at all it is just the opposite …first of all obamacare is a commie takeover plot and is absolutely ruining the economy. I could send you tons of info on that. The average American just saw their insurance costs go up 41% OMG that is so horrific, see here mainstream news is reporting this

Basically it costs a freeking fortune for healthcare in the US. Im talking a minimum of well over $300 a month for an individual plan, well here it is 25% of that to get on the Caja which is their version of Medicaid it costs my buddy $80 A MONTH. Dental care is 75% cheaper. The doctors are trained in the US many of them.I have tons of nightmare US healthcare stories about substandard care and infections from hospital stays etc. Did you know that COSTA RICANS live LONGER then Americans yes they live to 80 we live to 79. Here I can go to clinics and get things done without long waits for very cheap.For example before I realized I was having a reaction to COQ10 supplements I was feeling like maybe I had low blood sugar so I went in to a clinic and paid I think $7 to have them test my blood right there with minimal wait.

Women are women no matter where why live there?

mc OH HELL NO. I am dating a 29 year old gorgeous women from my dance class.See picture, My room mate who is 63 is right this moment on a date with a cute 22 year old. Here near the city a gringo, if he tries fairly hard and is not afraid to ask many women out, can go out with a beautiful woman who may be much younger, providing he is in good shape and has social skills,and they don’t frown on it like in the states. Now I am not saying people don’t stare a lot but the traditional roles are more accepted here so women like a man to lead and be a provider and protector.Women everywhere appreciate a man who is kind and considerate. I am completely aware of all the pitfalls of younger women and have discussed it endlessly with people but for me its not even the age I just want to find someone who I am attracted to that I can settle down with and it is easier to do here altho knowing some Spanish is a must.

Crime can’t be controlled there, why live there?

mc what do you mean it cant be controlled. A gringo never gets murdered here its almost unheard of.Most Costa Rican houses are fortresses with bars on windows etc and so are very safe. I believe a gringo in Costa Rica is statistically much safer then an American in any major city.I grew up in the burbs of DC and wouldn’t even walk in half that city in daytime let alone night. A house that’s not secure may get burglarized that’s true,there are more petty thieves

You can’t walk out your front door for a week leaving behind valuable possessions, your neighbors will " borrow them". Why live there?

mc Not true, if your the average tico homeowner you have houses connected to either side of your casa and so your neighbors are watching your house when you leave.It is not your neighbors who rob you in general the vast majority of neighbors are friends. It is hard to burglarise the avg tico home you need to cut through the roof and drop in and a thief stands a good chance of being caught doing that as there are neighbors on both sides. .

Also I should mention there are NOT 800 fema camps in Costa Rica,they don’t have a Dept of Homeland security that bought over a billion rounds of ammo.They aren’t having race riots, they haven’t invaded anyone and don’t even have an army,they aren’t spying on all their citizens emails and telephone calls, they dont stop you and confiscate all your cash,in short they are not a police state. In fact here in Alajuela the police walk the street they don’t drive around in cars and they are friendly I ask them questions frequently. I have to also say that I am in absolute perfect weather all year round here. I mean its 72 and sunny with low humidity every day whereas in N Va where I grew up its literally gross from Nov to March freezing cold with no leaves on the trees and all summer and in Fl it is unbearably hot and humid from mid may to mid Oct.