Merry Christmas and here are your presents.

Merry Christmas from Costa Rica. I want to share with you two TV commercials that were sent to me by a friend. Both of them are so good that I can’t decide which is better.They teach the deepest spiritual meaning of Christmas which to me is unconditional love. You may want to grab some tissues. 1.

WWI-Themed Commercial Goes Viral (Video) 273 0By Charles

Roberts, Fri, November 14, 2014A moving new commercial by

Sainsbury’s, a large supermarket chain in the United

Kingdom, has gone viral worldwide over the past several

days. The ad is set on Christmas Eve of 1914, when troops

fighting in the trenches of World War I agreed on a series

of unofficial truces.In the

commercial, the fighting soldiers can be seen greeting each

other, then playing a game of soccer and ultimately

returning to their posts after exchanging gifts.Viewers unanimously agreed that the

ad is among the best they have ever seen. .-

2. A Thai commercial


I can stay in Costa Rica forever the law says.

The last time I crossed the border and went to Nicaragua when I re entered Costa Rica the immigration woman told me that this would be the last time I would get 90 days to stay in Costa Rica.She said this after she flipped through my passport and saw all the stamps showing that I have been essentially living here over a year.She said I needed to get work done on becoming a resident. Basically the deal is this. Costa Rica is cracking down on perpetual tourists like myself.This has become a huge huge problem and has led me to contact an English speaking lawyer who is handling my buddy’s residency application. He told me I can stay here forever no problem I just have to get a work permit.I never have to leave Costa Rica again if I choose and later I can become a resident through this method .I will get the permit as a self employed leasing consultant placing ads renting apartments here in the beautiful compound I am living in.or possibly an English tutor.This will cost me $1000 but I will never have to make a visa run again which normally costs me $300 every 90- days . Once I am given my case number I can just keep that with my passport and im good to go. So I am happy about this.
I am still enjoying the city of Alajuela near San Jose,after leaving my beach house with my Spanish teacher to live in. My problem with my neighbor has been solved and I can return whenever I want. I haven’t made up my mind yet what I am going to do but the advantage of being here is there are women here and I have been on a number of dates although none of the women spoke a word of English. Also the weather is absolutely perfect and gorgeous every day with low humidty sunny and mid 70’s all day long.Prices are cheap and stores are abundant. My typical day is a set or two of tennis with my room mate Bill and maybe a dip in the pool,then surf the internet, learn Spanish on youtube,take a nap,Go to the city and shop and see the sights,get a Taco Bell burrito and Mcdonalds ice cream.,maybe watch a Netflix movie in the evening or go to a real movie theatre.I am slowly learning to cook also. Life is good.
Pura Vida

I was in an earthquake last night

Last night I experienced my first earthquake. It was around 930 PM and I was in my living room near San Jose when suddenly I thought the entire area was moving.It felt very strange. I got up out of curiosity and I felt unsteady. I wondered if I had been drinking too much but I instantly remembered I had not even drank 3 drinks so I ruled that out. I looked at the chandelier in the dining room and it was not moving then I thought well if this is an earthquake the ticos should be coming out of their houses and jibber jabbing hysterically in the streets.Also I did not hear dogs barking which I have been told happens right before earthquakes.I didn’t see any Ticos come out so I went back to surfing the internet and about 10 mins later I felt the feeling again. I said to myself wtf is going on here so I got up and this time I see the chandelier is gently swaying a few inches back and forth. I said to myself I know this house is moving I thought this house was moving damn it my house is moving.Then I went outside and figured if it got worse I would go hug this giant tree in my front yard. What a way to be converted to a tree hugger.It didn’t occur to me to wake up Bill my room mate. Basically it would have been every man for himself. A cat scurried by. I felt sort of queasy like after a carnival ride and then it subsided.
This morning they are saying it was a 7.4 that shook several countries around me.


I think it’s over. Henri terrified Rastaman who then called me to apologise.

Henri is my youngest Nicaraguan worker.  At 23 he is  very strong , has light brown skin and penetrating eyes with lots of very pretty girlfriends as the young girls seem to want him.Well as fate would have it he has some connections in Limon which is by far the most dangerous place in Costa Rica and in fact he knows gun dealers and murderers. This has not bothered me because I trust Henri as he has always been very loyal to me and we have chatted for many hours and he could have stole stuff from me anytime. He built my house with Barney and slept in my shed every night guarding the house for an extra $4 a day.
  Well Henri got to talking to Rastaman saying how wrong it was to have my place broke in and that I might just decide to have some Limon boys take care of the him once and for all. There are after all low lifes who will hurt people for money and Henri actually could put me touch with them if he wanted to. So Rastaman was made aware of the fact that Martin may decide to get serious about revenge if you keep attacking his place and that Martin has plenty of money and Henri literally does know  Limon contract killers.
   Well all day yesterday Rastaman was trying to get Henri to give him my number so he could call to try to make things right with me but Henri did not. Rastaman called Henri many times. Today he begged Henri to connect me with him saying he could not sleep the night before.
  So he called me and spent 10 mins apologizing to me saying I can count him as a friend and what happened between us is past etc etc.Of course he denied having anything to do with the break ins but he told Henri it  was fat boy and an accomplice who robbed me and that he told fat boy to return the wash machine etc but they argued and fatboy wont return it. Rastaman told me he fears the thieves may rob him next as apparently they are mad at each other. Nevertheless I am pretty damn certain no more will happen to my house because now the neighbor fears me greatly and he really doesn’t know what I am capable of doing and he has made it very clear to fat boy to stop robbing me.
  Still I won’t move back into that house and will rent or sell it . I am putting my former Spanish teacher in it for now. I have decided that the location of the house is too remote and therefore wont do for me to live there permanently especially in a shit hit the fan situation.
  My future is up in the air but this is a new and good development.

It gets worse.

It gets worst. Last night while Barney was out for an hr they cut the barbed wire, tore out the window bars of the ground level window, trashed the house,stole the wash machine and a cutting tool Barney had borrowed and broke a water pipe. I may have to pay Henri the worker who used to live in my shed during construction to stay there, as Barney doesnt feel safe.Barney is going to the detectives.I will ask my neighbor to watch the house as best he can also. I will put the house up for sale. I will make a profit.
I am keeping positive about all this. I control my happiness not one lone nut. He will reap what he sows, These Karmic laws of the universe can not be bypassed. I intend to stay in beautiful Costa Rica and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Trouble found me in paradise which leads to a new adventure.

Well im gonna tell the story as it happened.It’s a little personal but since my life is a pretty open book here we go. Briefly what has been happening is I have a neighbor. He is a mixed race Rasta man about 6t 2 inches 210 lbs about 35 years old. My builder Barney originally asked him if he could use water from his house to mix cement while building my house and that I would pay his water bill I was going to keep getting water from him.That is how I met him.Later he wanted me to buy internet from him whereby he would install a system that would supposedly project wifi from his house to mine and I could pay him a one time $300 and get a permanent signal for $20 a month.I said that was too much so he said $150. I said I would do it if I got a good signal because I cant have internet installed without a residency card.Well the deal kept changing, the installer didnt show up for many days, finally neighbor comes over one day and wants $200 right away because he says a man will install it that night and that he paid him already. He shows me a receipt from the guy and the receipt has no signature and no company name and the guy is doing the installation as a side job. I tell him again I need to have the service installed first before I pay. He gets mad says …don’t you trust me…. I say no , as I am getting mad at this point too. He leaves angry and cuts off my water which was a big hassle and he festers over it and while I am gone on vacation he tells one of my workers that he almost had me robbed and that he is still planning to have my house robbed by his wonderful criminal associates. I think about this for awhile and I buy a gun. He does not speak to me when I pass his house nor I to him.

Then weeks later an electrical pole that holds a line to his house gets bent over, probably hit by a vehicle and he blames the truck from the hardware store that delivers materials to me. While they deliver materials to me he argues with them outside loudly to get them to pay for it and they refuse and deny hitting the pole. He then comes over extremely furious to my house and is screaming that I need to pay him for the damage that MY people caused. My builder is in the front yard saying he wants to talk to me so I put my gun in my waist under my t shirt and go out. Neighbor starts screaming and threatening and I say its not my responsibility.He is out of control and I know what out of control looks like and he tries to open my gate to come at me in my yard, it doesn’t open so he yanks on it real hard as if to break it open and the way its set up it will break.I thought he was gonna break thru the next time he yanked it and attack me so I pulled the gun and said get back. He was afraid and went away cursing me. I wanted to stop this escalation so I had Barney contact him. I offered to pay for the pole and not press charges against him for trying to break onto my property in exchange he would not go to the police which he was about to do saying a gringo dude put a gun in his face. Note. it is not legal for me to have a gun. I tell him I want to just be normal neighbors. He goes away and communicating thru my builder he tries to get me to pay $1000 to make the problem go away. I say no ill fix the pole and give $100. He has me meet his 300 lb friend who operates a burglary ring. This fat boy who incidentally stole my buddy Johns bike headlight,explains that I need to pay $600 or the neighbor gets me arrested plus other people beat me up. I pay the $600 not because of the threat to be beat up but because I don’t want to go to have to go to court for having a gun and im gonna pay a lawyer that much anyway. This seems to appease the neighbor we shake hands twice.I figure its over. 2 days later my house is burglarized while I am out for an hr
My gun and a computer are stolen from the bedroom. I had max the dog chained to the front door because he tears the place up out of separation anxiety when I am away. That day I was supposed to have the remaining gap in the roof gable area filled in with boards so that no one could get in the house, but Barney my builder got busy on another job. So I no longer felt comfortable in my house especially since he got my gun because it is in a dark jungle area with the psychopath as my nearest neighbor who is casing my house out 24 ..7
I could rent the house and live in town quite safely but I was so disgusted by the whole thing that I decided to travel again and leave for awhile. So I had Barney move into my house until it is rented and gave my dog to my very friendly neighbor Oscar who helped take care of him while I was on vacation. Max actually prefers being with him because he has a dog which max is always trying to see
And so I went off on a new adventure and moved to San Jose to live with my oldest friend here, Bill the American former jet pilot who owns property next to my country house in the mountains. I am now staying at Bills apt in the most beautiful extremely secure complex that I have ever seen. In a few days we are going to move from his apt to what I consider a mansion house that is in the compound and split the rent of 1k a month.The house has 3 large bedrooms 3 tvs, a sunken liv room,,chandelier din room, hot water, cable, wifi and all util paid and comes with free maid service. See pics.Bill knows many young women and is arranging for me to meet some of them. I am a few min drive to walmart casinos,malls ,mcdonalds taco bells etc.
There is crime in the city as even the cab driver last night who took me to Bills tried to charge me double and then passed off counterfeit money to me when giving me change which I discovered when I tried to buy some stuff at the Chinese store. Still the compound is like an oasis with 13 houses surrounded by an extremely high fence,a restaurant,our own pool, tennis courts and small soccer field.It looks like the garden of eden. Today I met the owner, and older single women who is looking for a boyfriend, she is very friendly to me and didn’t ask for a deposit or references or anything.She implied that she needs a manager for her properties so Bill and I are going to propose to her that we manage these houses and make her more money by keeping them occupied so it could be that I get a very lucrative job here.I promised myself I would take a month before making any decisions so we will see.
I miss all my friends in Puerto Viejo and particularly my dog max I felt bad about.The last night I spent I came home after leaving max loose in the house to protect from further burglaries and when I came in I was starting to cry telling him how much I loved him and would miss him. Then I went around the corner and saw that he had finished tearing up another pair of sandals and my bedsheets so I called him a fucking piece of shit. Such is the love hate relationship I have with this dog.
Puerto Viejo is very beautiful and has gorgeous beaches but the down side is it is hot and humid,prices are high and there is crime. In San Jose the weather is absolutely gorgeous all year long being 3500 ft above sea level it is 10 egrees cooler then the rain forest and food prices are cheaper.
If the SHTF Bill and I can make it to our homes in Turrialba where we can very safely live off the land if need be. I have come out of the third world primitive conditions into first world luxury. The last week has been extremely stressful and I have analysed what happened over and over in my mind. I probably shouldn’t have told the psychopath I didn’t trust him and pulling the gun caused me problems because I dont think the psycho will ever get over it. He said I disresepcted him in HIS hood. I have thought long and hard about getting revenge even including hiring a Nicaragan voodoo magic man to cast a hex on his house so he will have to move out. My friend and spiritual mentor Nancy advised me to let it go so I have been practicing EFT tapping which reprograms my subconscious to see the Christ in the damn psycho. As you can tell I am not completely reprogrammed yet. I believe it is through suffering that we learn and every cloud has a silver lining
Below are pics of the house I am moving to. One of the pics has the owner and me in it.

Email from my chicken supplier. No chicken for you.

Greetings free range chicken lovers,

You have 3 choices:

1. Short Version
2. Long Version
3. Both


We had government inspectors visit our farm this week and we probably have problems coming that might stop us from providing chickens in the very near future. We have extras this week and it probably would be a good idea for you to grab extras for your freezer, because the future is very uncertain. Same place, same time.


Well….I knew this day would come, but didn’t think it would be so abrupt. I envisioned myself in my late 90’s….happy, but no longer up to the physical demands of working in the fields with our healthy happy chickens.

I thought at that time, that I’d have to break the news to my beloved community that I can no longer raise and provide these healthy birds for us and need to retire to my hammock. I dreamed of passing the baton to a younger fella or gal…along with the secrets that I have learned through the years,…the many tricks that we have developed to battle the tropics in order to raise the healthiest happiest free range chickens in Costa Rica, in harmony with our precious ecosystem.

Okay, screw that. That dream just got squashed. Looks like it’s not going down that way. It reads more like this: Costa Rica has followed suit with their leg humping duplication of "health" and food processing policies and regulations of their idol society, the USA, by creating more and more laws designed to"protect" the citizens,..which of course, only end up protecting the major food factory corporations that are taking over the global food industry.

(Whew….glad I got that off my chest!) Bottom line, there are new regulations,and even more importantly, the powers that be are actually enforcing them. These new laws prohibit small farmers and even individuals from processing any meat, even for their own family consumption. Yes. That’s right. These laws are in effect to protect us from ourselves. From our own choices about our health. From raising and growing our own food and sharing it with our neighbors. These regulations leave us with only one choice…to purchase factory farmed, processed "food" products from the grocery stores.

Two months ago, the federal government sent officials ( uniformed henchmen) farm to farm right here on the frontier ( on the road from Sixaola to Bribri) and all the way to Limon, preemptively warning all small farmers against raising and butchering any animal of their farm, even for their own family consumption. Also threatened them that if they sold a live animal it could not be transported off of their farm without their permission. All butchered animals would be confiscated and entry into their farms without consent was their legal right. Fines, penalties and confiscations of property were threatened. No shit. Believe it or not. Theregoes the traditional chancho for a cumpianos or navidad.

Sovlet’s take chickens for example: What choice they leave us after they eliminate all small farm poultry production ( to protect us from anything unhealthy) , is chickens that have been confined their entire lives in darkness without the benefit of sunshine, crammed into 20,000 to40,000 bird capacity buildings full of shit and squalor, stressed, jacked up with antibiotics and other drugs just to keep them alive, chlorine bleached multiple times in the killing process and treated inhumanly for their entire short lives. Yes,…thank you so much for thinking about our health! BUT….they had time and resources this week to visit my farm for an inspection of my unapproved and in their view, unhealthy chicken operation. How damn funny is that?

So here is the scoop. They didn’t get past the front farm gate, because my wife has a disorder that causes her to not understand Spanish at the most opportune moments…so they went away, but very unhappily. Rest assured, they will be back with power to come into the farm, inspect and most assuredly, shut us down. After all,we’re not Pipasa and don’t have a $100,000 air-conditioned processing plant that they described to me several years ago that they require of me. Of course,they also require proof of administering the antibiotics, other meds, bleach baths, and sundry other carcinogenic and unhealthy practices that we refuse to do…all in the name of health.

We have harvested extra chickens this week,that need to be off this farm. If you love our chicken, it might be a good idea to take a few extras, if you have freezer room. If you have the room, but it would be better to work out payment over time…we can work that out and it is still better to bust a move now. We can work it out.

Sorry for the shock for those of you, like us, who have grown to depend upon this healthy food choice every week. I’m doing what I can to evaluate our options.Our attorney is on it and trying to find a path to continue. Please help us all by taking extra chickens this week and we will see what we can do with the 6 weeks of chickens that I have living right here on the farm that will need to be harvested through October. Freezer space off the farm is a plus or any other ideas are appreciated. After October, maybe I will find a solution….maybe not.

We will be at the normal place on Saturday. Please consider a few extras,if possible. If not,no worries.

As a final note,….this crap doesn’t really scare me. It’s not like I’m running a Meth Lab. I’m not Breakin’ Bad. I’m just raising and providing healthy happy chickens,right?

Power to the People! Screw the Man! ( felt sooooo good sayin’ that!)

Peace Out,
Mike & Yvonne Humphrey

Buy Local – Eat Healthy – Live Long
Nuestra Finca Permaculture Farm
Caribe Sur, Costa Rica
8916-3237 / 8916-3228

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